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# 1 : Tuesday 19-9-2017 @ 00:51
Insomnia. Tearing tights off with my teeth!

I suffer terribly from insomnia. I've tried all the tips of sleep hygeine, meditation, exercise, diet, herbal supplements and many other things to no avail.

I was getting a good nights sleep there for a few weeks as my doctor gave me valium but I've grown too tolerant to them now that they don't work anymore. I'm reluctant to take more meds so I'm reluctant to go back to him.

I see some posters here post in the wee hours of the morning. What has you up at that ungodly hour? I sometimes post mad early but thats because my alarm goes off very early so I sometimes flick through Gaire between then and getting my head together to have a shower.

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# 2 : Tuesday 19-9-2017 @ 01:46
Hi Pow pow. I work very long hours and don't get as much sleep as i'd like but I think that maybe people worry too much about getting enough sleep.
That whatever sleep you get is as much as you need. Even if it's only 10 minutes now and again.
# 3 : Tuesday 19-9-2017 @ 08:00
> Starbucks
# 4 : Tuesday 19-9-2017 @ 10:12
Someone said :
Hi Pow pow. I work very long hours and don't get as much sleep as i'd like but I think that maybe people worry too much about getting enough sleep.
That whatever sleep you get is as much as you need. Even if it's only 10 minutes now and again.

10 mins dosen't sound very good. I work long hours too. If I got 5 hrs of unbroken sleep I could function better. It really affects your mood and concentration throughout the day.
# 5 : Tuesday 19-9-2017 @ 10:15
Someone said :
> Starbucks

I walk into work every day and treat myself to a latte halfway through my journey to perk me up. Just a garage coffee mind you. No fancy Starbucks near me. Its all the same to me. McDonalds do good coffee.
# 6 : Tuesday 19-9-2017 @ 10:25
Maybe try cutting out caffeine entirely?
# 7 : Tuesday 19-9-2017 @ 10:51
Ah Thomas its only one or two coffees I drink a day before 2pm. A little treat. Well gone out of my system by bed time.
# 8 : Tuesday 19-9-2017 @ 11:35
I know it seems daunting but perhaps the next time you have a few days off you can see how you get on without it.
# 9 : Tuesday 19-9-2017 @ 13:58
I'll try that
# 10 : Wednesday 20-9-2017 @ 18:48
My boyfriend's sleep isn't great but what has helped him recently is playing rainstorm sounds. He also talks Kalms a good bit and I think that has helped him a bit.
# 11 : Wednesday 20-9-2017 @ 22:31
Caffeine is the place to start. Cut it out.
# 12 : Thursday 21-9-2017 @ 07:34
St johns Wort a good pillow cuddle pretend it's whoever you want stretch your whole body before bed, lettuce sandwiches before bed, black out the room completely learn to wonder as a child in the dark, get up when you wake up don't stay in bed laying in it for anything except sleep and happy times and have no tv laptop or phone anywhere in your bedroom at any stage during the day and try to stay out of your bedroom during the day if at all possible, it all helps restore order to your life so better sleep, learn to look after your sleep treasure it as you would money or something more valuable avoid stimulation before bed too try sitting quietly with yourself for meditation just sitting quietly with yourself is not as easy as everyone imagines but if you can't do it might be same reason you cannot sleep, try it anyway I used all of the above after I had big health scare suffered from anxiety and deep depresion and over time the brain healed and I had something I honestly had thought I had lost for good a piece of mind a quality of mind without distraction not seeking pleasure or entertainment
# 13 : Thursday 21-9-2017 @ 12:28
Good point - whatever the cure ends up being it could take months to get back to normal.
# 14 : Friday 22-9-2017 @ 08:30
Some really good advice there, Roxanne39.

I once read that any sleep disturbances can be fixed by resetting your inner clock. The way you'd do it is to go camping somewhere where there's no artificial light and also leave all your electronics at home, maybe just a torch for when you really need it.

After a few days your sleep patterns should have returned to normal.
# 15 : Sunday 24-9-2017 @ 18:40
Interesting article in The Guardian today about the importance of sleep. etc ...
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