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Ireland's Abortion Referendum 2018
# 91 : Tuesday 23-1-2018 @ 23:27
"Has anyone planned for postal vote in case they are not around on the voting date?
On the other side has anyone heard about hordes of people planning to "come home" for it? "

I think a few thousand will. I know several who plan to. It doesn't have the well organised celebratory natured campaign the YES marriage campaign did but it's early days yet.

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# 92 : Wednesday 24-1-2018 @ 03:52
The anti-choice side as already planned to exploit children and adults with Dawn Syndrome to front their campaigns.
# 93 : Wednesday 24-1-2018 @ 06:44
Someone said :
The anti-choice side as already planned to exploit children and adults with Dawn Syndrome to front their campaigns.

Great statement on that here etc ...
# 94 : Wednesday 24-1-2018 @ 14:57
Someone said :
All you do is snark at other posters

The mirror has two faces ...
# 95 : Wednesday 24-1-2018 @ 21:55

Good to see there are still rational people out there.
The anti-choice, who are also anti-life (of women), did the same with the universal marriage referendum: exploit vulnerable sections of society, systematically spreading lies to stop people from having a voice and a choice, driving their perverted agenda.
# 96 : Thursday 25-1-2018 @ 11:24
Despicable that the anti-choice crowd would stoop so low as to use people with Down's syndrome as a weapon in the "debate" in the run-up to the referendum. But I can see them using dirtier tactics as the referendum draws closer.
# 97 : Thursday 25-1-2018 @ 21:11
Despicable is often an anagram for predictable.
For these people, they are always synonymous.
# 98 : Monday 29-1-2018 @ 22:39
Referendum announced to take place around May / June.
# 99 : Tuesday 30-1-2018 @ 22:07
Healy-Rae (on Prime Time) is the best possible advocate for the NO side.
We need more of him on air!

In the meantime, is someone gives you the "life of the wee baby argument", ask them what size they thing a fetus is, at 12 weeks?

Most will show you their fist.
You can show them the finger, more specifically 3/4 of your thumb... (5 cm... in case you have massive thumbs...)
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