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The Moral Cesspit That Is Hollywood
# 31 : Saturday 21-10-2017 @ 23:55
Someone said :
Again, being the wife of a cheat and (at a stretch) assaulter, does not make one a "sex-assaulter detector"!

I like butter, but not margarine.
Does not mean that Customs will hire me to detect butter that has been tempered with by adding 10% margarine.

I was once attacked by a bus driver. Does not mean that when I meet a bus driver in the street, I know he is a bus driver.

I buy some of my pears in Aldi, and some in Tesco. Does not mean that if you give me a pear from Lidl I'll be able to tell the difference!

On the other-hand, if I was once the drive of the get-away car in multiple bank robberies, an accomplice if you will , does it make me a reliable witness to a heist I had no connection to?
If anything, that past experience casts a question on my character !

Well, Hillary is in the shoes of the get-away car driver. It does not qualify her to identify bank robbers in general, and certainly does not give her any moral high-ground to throw the 76th stone at bank robbers who got away with murder.

trump = self confessed sex assaulter
No disputing the words out of his own mouth

Now what are you going on about?
Oh yeah it's called deflection

If Hilary Clinton has any qualification to call him out it's because he stalked her during their presidential debates.
She is again qualified to call him a self confessed sex assaulter because the tape of him confessing his sex assaulting surfaced during their election campaigns.
Being a woman of experience as Hilary Clinton is she knows a serial sex pest when she sees one
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# 32 : Sunday 22-10-2017 @ 08:21
The most amazing thing is this is still going on and being tolerated today. There has been multiple stories, movies and reports about women moving to Hollywood in search of fame and being subject to the abuse of alleged perverts. What people should do is call out any incidents, so it discourages anyone from repeating the abhorrent behaviour. Mr Weinstein is allegedly not the only one.
# 33 : Saturday 4-11-2017 @ 04:37
The floodgates do really seem to opening up since the Weinstein revelations. Over 50 women have now spoken out about that lecherous abuser's actions, from exposure and harassment to outright rape. And thankfully some women have made formal statements to the police. I dearly hope he goes down for his sordid crimes.

And now other Hollywood figures are getting exposed. Kevin Spacey being one. Trying force sex on a 14 year old boy is despicable. But apparently Spacey has been notorious for lecherous advances on teenage boys and very young men for a long time. And then, once exposed, tries to deflect attention from this by deciding to come out. An utter insult to LGBT people everywhere. Vile.

It increasingly looks like Corey Feldman's assertion that Hollywood is a viper's nest of sex predators and paedophiles is turning out to be true. And the sad thing is that practically no-one wanted to believe him when he spoke out about this on TV a few years back. But he is being vindicated now.

I really hope the cesspool at least starts to get cleaned out. And it's not just Hollywood - it's in music, sports, politics, business - basically everywhere there are older, more powerful people (usually but not always men) who have power and influence over younger, more vulnerable individuals.

# 34 : Saturday 4-11-2017 @ 11:07
Why are people pretending to only now "see" what was common knowledge all those years?
It is the same as with child abuse by the clergy.

People knew. Everyone. They just looked away.
Now they can no longer look away so they pretend they were "blinded".

Did you think that James Savile's vice was possible in an otherwise virtuous world?(While today some people still feel the need to call him "Sir"...)

As kids, we all knew that "actresses had to sleep with producers", there is even an expression for it -"casting couch"- which has a french equivalent in the corporate world: the "promotion canapé" is the promotion you get after sleeping with the boss. (

In these "worlds" that we pretend are too remote for us to see, there were always common knowledge (we say "rumors" to pretend they were unsubstantiated...) about which guys aspiring actors, actresses, models, at al. , should avoid being left alone with in the lift.
Just like in rural Ireland, some mothers would warn their kids about being alone with the priest, but would still want them to be choir boy.

As always, the holier-than-though will cry wolf, as if they were all sheep, but the cesspit only exists because "the good people" digged a cesspool, to remove disgusting things from view. So they could pretend to have no knowledge of them.
# 35 : Sunday 5-11-2017 @ 01:23
Very good Observasions Mr Blah, but I can't help but wonder if it was only myself who spotted the signs that we should compel Harvey to "Go Harvey Go" before the actual expose.
# 36 : Monday 13-11-2017 @ 14:31
More and more revelations are coming out. It just keeps on going.
# 37 : Friday 17-11-2017 @ 09:43
Attitudes have to change , Or more correctly I think women have collectively said enough and probably that's going to take major adjustment for some men .

Historically in Hollywood actresses have been calling out bad behavior for years but probably it's now in the last few years they've been demanding equal pay and with that voice they've also said hands off.

I'm kind of shocked that women aren't being paid the same as men.
# 38 : Friday 17-11-2017 @ 13:18
Rumours are starting to fly around about an Irish entertainer accused of being a serial groper and maybe worse.
# 39 : Friday 17-11-2017 @ 22:46
Someone said :
Rumours are starting to fly around about an Irish entertainer accused of being a serial groper and maybe worse

Don't know why the media are being so ambiguous about it. etc ...

# 40 : Friday 17-11-2017 @ 22:49
Sucks that movies i loved starred total creeps. Hard to watch them again to be honest but I'd give Midnight in the garden of good and evil another whirl for the dame.
# 41 : Friday 17-11-2017 @ 23:33
Al Porter always gave me the creeps tbh- never liked him and didn't find him funny.
# 42 : Saturday 18-11-2017 @ 00:24
If somebody touches you inappropriately you should call them out on it and if major incident report to Gardai. I've had people felt my arse and other areas on nights out, I removed my self from the situation and continue to enjoy my nights out.
# 43 : Saturday 18-11-2017 @ 01:17
I find Al hilarious, a bum touch would not phase me at all,i'd laugh it off and move away, no big deal.
# 44 : Saturday 18-11-2017 @ 07:19
Someone said :
Al Porter always gave me the creeps tbh- never liked him and didn't find him funny.

Same. Can't stand him.
# 45 : Saturday 18-11-2017 @ 11:48
Someone said :
I find Al hilarious, a bum touch would not phase me at all,i'd laugh it off and move away, no big deal.

Sure it's grand, just a grab of the bum, grab of the crotch, sure he's hilarious. Part of the act!

He was so creepy on Blind Date with the straight lads, the one episode I watched. Part of the act though.

He's gas.

You can be sure though that Today FM won't be in a hurry to do anything.
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