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The Moral Cesspit That Is Hollywood
# 91 : Wednesday 20-12-2017 @ 09:32

Actresses were ready to trade sex for roles... because directors were abusive pigs who expected their "Director Rights to be Respected" as a matter of course.

Who believes that it started with the actresses offering sex?

It actually started with early actresses being recruited amongst prostitutes, because the profession was considered to be unbecoming to a woman of good reputation.

Now, ignore the bit about prostitutes, it is a distraction.
Concentrate on how the patriarcal society of the time was controlling women's sexuality and judging women by their "virtue": this is the source of the evil that is now being exposed. This is the starting point of the cycle.

So let's not blame actresses offering sex, no more than we can blame some choir boy to be "tempting" the "innocent" priest.
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# 92 : Wednesday 20-12-2017 @ 10:08
Someone said :
So, I'm a Male Chauvinist pig for asserting that on occasion Women have the potential too sexually assault a man..?

But you asserted the opposite , you said women groping a dj was the craic and men doing the same would be seen as assault and it was blurry lines and I said the difference was the threat and it was a male chauvinist pig attitude not to see that .
# 93 : Wednesday 20-12-2017 @ 18:03
Someone said :
But you asserted the opposite

No i didn't.. Go back & re read the post..
# 94 : Saturday 30-12-2017 @ 15:20
Someone said :
No i didn't.. Go back & re read the post..

I reread your post would you like to express your opinion using other words?
# 95 : Sunday 31-12-2017 @ 00:58
Someone said :
I reread your post would you like to express your opinion using other words?

Nah.. I prefer too use Pictographs & Sound. Diatribes are like sooo 90's..
# 96 : Sunday 14-1-2018 @ 15:43
Another serious sex assault allegation. Eliza Dushku, who played Arnold Schwarznegger and Jamie Lee Curtis’s daughter in the 1994 action-comedy True Lies, alleges she was sexually assaulted during filming by the stunt co-ordination when she was just 12 years old.

# 97 : Sunday 14-1-2018 @ 21:54 etc ...

Daniel Radcliffe makes a pretty good point here.. Guy gets canned from Harry potter movies for growing a bit of weed.. Nothing happens to Johnny for beating the crap out someone.. J.K. is OK with it. He does bring in the bucks does our Johnny..
Will anything change..
# 98 : Wednesday 17-1-2018 @ 22:12
Seal is next in the firing line.
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