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Post Putin Russia?
# 1 : Monday 23-10-2017 @ 14:37
A Russian minister recently stated that Putin will live and rule Russia until he is 130 years old. As funny as that is, it highlights the fear of a post Putin Russia and the political vacuum that will emerge.

I don't think he's going away anytime soon especially when a socialite tv presenter is the only one allowed to run against him but opposition will grow against an increasingly authoritarian Russia.

Do you think a post Putin Russia is in the horizon?

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# 2 : Monday 23-10-2017 @ 15:08
No, I think Putin will hold on to absolute power for as long as he can. He may publicly announce that he will step down at some stage but will ensure that a future Presidential candidate will be a puppet for his intentions.

Putin is cunning, manipulative and devious. He is essentially a tyrant. Tyrants don’t relinquish power easily. The only way I see him being removed is through a coup or another revolution and given the support he has among Russians, I don’t see either happening any time soon.

# 3 : Monday 23-10-2017 @ 17:15
Oh I believe he will but there is no powerful figure to replace him. He's 65 and I'm sure he'll hold on to power for the foreseeable future but like the Soviet Union, his administration is rotten to the core with a very cavarnous divide between rich and poor and no freedom, the seeds of a social revolution. It might not happen in the next five years but I think it's going to happen.
# 4 : Monday 23-10-2017 @ 18:52
The CIA might bump him off if relations sour between tge US and Russia.
# 5 : Monday 23-10-2017 @ 19:17
They wouldn't dare!
# 6 : Wednesday 25-10-2017 @ 12:43
Won't he just swop with medvedev again ?
# 7 : Wednesday 25-10-2017 @ 14:08
I dread to think what might follow his departure. Saddam Hussein was a monster but removing him led to far more death, destruction and human misery than anyone could have predicted.
# 8 : Sunday 29-10-2017 @ 17:37
He's standing for election and when he's done his terms he will prob swop with his pri me minister like he did before -
Trump will try the same thing after his second term , he will select a person he can rule through. Maybe ivanka.
# 9 : Sunday 10-12-2017 @ 20:38
# 10 : Sunday 10-12-2017 @ 22:03
How will he exit this life, stroke/heart attack/bullet/Gangbang etc.?
# 11 : Monday 11-12-2017 @ 17:31
He already is 130 years old..
Please allow me too introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth & taste.. The wealthiest man on the planet apparently, 200 billion or so..

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