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Where Is A Good Place To Find Like Minded Curious Guys?
# 1 : Monday 20-11-2017 @ 00:23
I have never been with a guy before but i have always wanted to. I was always in a relationship so i never tried it. I am single now and would like to do it finally but I've just realised I have absolutely no idea where to start

Any advice?
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# 2 : Monday 20-11-2017 @ 02:32
Gay bars are a good start.
# 3 : Monday 20-11-2017 @ 02:42
How are you? Where in Tipp are you?
# 4 : Monday 20-11-2017 @ 21:37
I'm from Cahir.
# 5 : Monday 20-11-2017 @ 21:37
Yeah, no good ones around me. Guess its off to Dublin or Cork so
# 6 : Tuesday 21-11-2017 @ 11:16
I'd be inclined to chat here with some guys if you can, and suss out exactly what you want and what your expectations are.

Be clear in your head as to what you want. The dirty texting is fine of course but I suspect you need more than that. Maybe even ring Gay Switchboard perhaps. I found them really helpful years ago when I was trying to get my own head around being gay.

All the best anyway, the journey is half the fun.....
# 7 : Tuesday 21-11-2017 @ 15:58
It's very common to plan a night or a weekend up to Dublin.
(as your cahir, I'd say Cork. I dont actually know anything about gay places in cork, but I do know cork is a lovely city., I'd be shocked if they didn't have an open welcoming scene)

I try to get up dublin whenever I can, and I've met some good people.

If you're ever stuck for a wing man or just someone to chat with (if you don't fancy going alone). You'll find people in communities like that meet up and organize nights.
I'd even say Gaire here is probably due a meet up soon, so keep your ear to the ground.

Some folk are quick to dismiss the scene "I don't bother with the scene", "I'm non scene" like it's some usless, vapid community of pricks, but my experience is, you dont know the full story unless you give it a go.
My first few weeks going out alone, shy, nervous, I went to Nealons, PantiBar, The frount lounge, The George.

I had overwhelmingly positive experiences with people I met, and you just put the bad ones behind you.
# 8 : Tuesday 21-11-2017 @ 17:52
In the Graveyard..
# 9 : Saturday 25-11-2017 @ 02:31
I'm Sorry.. sometimes my attempts at Humour get a bit lost.. what i meant was, life is fleeting.. Embrace it.. Don't be afraid..
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