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Pun Of The Day..
# 1 : Saturday 25-11-2017 @ 02:15
Been listening to Today FM a lot lately.. Gonna rip this one off from them.. Post a news story, person who comes up with the best Headline/Pun gets all his/hers/they'res beer paid for at the next Gaire Doo..!
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# 2 : Saturday 25-11-2017 @ 10:46
Upon my word - I am apprised of a competition with a prize (though even if I win when Oliver winnows, I may be a'bier (and meat ) before I get a beer at a meet).
# 3 : Sunday 26-11-2017 @ 21:07
Snow No Leo..!! Frosty reception too Winter election... (terrible i know, took me two days too come up with that, wont be getting a job with the SUN anytime soon)
# 4 : Monday 27-11-2017 @ 15:46
Frances Fitzgerald Fails Fianna Fails Fastidious Facts..
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