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Where To Go In Cork
# 1 : Saturday 9-12-2017 @ 07:31
Night out
Where the besht Gay Shpot?
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# 2 : Saturday 9-12-2017 @ 12:12
A night out. A night in more like the best G spot in Cork is in me hole.
# 3 : Saturday 9-12-2017 @ 12:45
Chambers on Washington street is the only gay bar left as far as I know but it's not bad. The Oval gets a mixed crowd.
# 4 : Saturday 9-12-2017 @ 15:34
There's also the Roundy, Bodega and Electric which attract a mixed crowd.
# 5 : Sunday 10-12-2017 @ 11:39
I wound up getting to Roundy's and Chambers.
# 6 : Tuesday 12-12-2017 @ 23:36
The review of Chambers I just put on their Facebook page.
I was visiting Cork last Saturday because of a late night gig I was performing there. It's typically not a city I get to visit that often, but when I do I enjoy it quite a lot.

I set off before work to specifically locate the city's gay bars and found this place in the evening (about 7pm) and had a pint there. It looked like a good spot, tidy and well run. The bar staff were professional and friendly.
It was flagged online as one of the City's only gay bars (I found out that it's not)
Before leaving, I checked the opening hours and saw that they served until 2:30, so I made plans to come back after my gig.

After work, I changed quickly and I got there at about 1:50AM (enough time for a quick pint or two)
I was greeted by closed doors. I waited for an opening to ask the bouncers if they would make an exception for me (someone from out of town who didn't know they would be closed earlier then bill-boarded).

He said they were closed because the venue is full, which I accepted and waited outside for some people to leave. They let about 16 people out (I was on my own), and a few, maybe 3 or 4 IN without passing comment. They just walked passed me and went in with little more then a head nod, or a story about needing to find friends.

I also saw it was obviously not full, and they were obviously still serving, so by about 2:15 I just gave up and left.
They obviously don't give a shit about excluding people who are visitors to a town.

# 7 : Tuesday 12-12-2017 @ 23:58
Someone said :
Night out
Where the besht Gay Shpot?

Is that you Sean?
# 8 : Wednesday 13-12-2017 @ 00:31
Someone said :
Is that you Sean?

nope, but he sounds like a laugh
# 9 : Wednesday 13-12-2017 @ 02:52
Where's Corks other gay bars?
# 10 : Wednesday 13-12-2017 @ 09:47
Corks scene used be buzzing... there was the Oyster, Loafers and the club.. before that Taboo. The last time I was there it was just Chambers and it was a very young crowd. Not sure what Cork has to offer now.
Sorry to hear you had a bad experience greenmanpp. That happened me in London years ago and its just so embarrassing being left standing outside like a lepper!
# 11 : Wednesday 13-12-2017 @ 17:26
Roundy's tends to be one of the places people "our age" tend to go.
It's kind of like "Cork's Nealons", but a little less cozy and a bit more 'hip'.
# 12 : Thursday 14-12-2017 @ 12:22
The Roundy is gay friendly but it's no Nealons. Ive never seen a gay couple hold hands or kiss there in the last 20 years. Not that I go there a lot.

# 13 : Thursday 14-12-2017 @ 14:07
Someone said :
The Roundy is gay friendly but it's no Nealons. Ive never seen a gay couple hold hands or kiss there in the last 20 years. Not that I go there a lot.

I have, just a few times mind.
# 14 : Friday 15-12-2017 @ 20:20
Yeah, in future if I ever go back it'll be my choice Drinking spot. I Met a few folk there who identify as bears too, and there was DJ playing decent dance music from Vinyl.

Chambers can keep it's pints if they're that precious about who can buy them.
# 15 : Saturday 16-12-2017 @ 07:38
The Chambers is a good one.
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