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Unsold Products
# 1 : Monday 11-12-2017 @ 14:34
Im in the market for a new tv and labtop but as a student funds are low. I was wondering do people know what happens to old unsold stock from places like pc world or harvey norman
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# 2 : Monday 11-12-2017 @ 16:41
You sometimes see ex-display products in stores like Currys - I think they call them Managers Specials. But if they've been on all day for the past 2 or 3 years then your mileage may vary as to what state they are in.

I got a second hand Lenovo laptop on Ebay USA - because I like the old keyboards they used to make. It was a five year old laptop but it had SSD and a fast chip in it. As long as the pictures are clear and the seller feedback looks okay Ebay can be worth a look.

Also Amazon Warehouse deals (products that were returned or the packaging was unsuitable for sale) often have good stuff - as long as the condition is listed as very good.

# 3 : Tuesday 12-12-2017 @ 07:58
O god just checked amazon. Some the deals are great. Thanks pal
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