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A Movie For Christmas
# 1 : Tuesday 12-12-2017 @ 21:32
If you're looking for a movie to watch over Christmas I can recommend
A Room With A View

It's a Merchant Ivory adaptation of EM Forster's novel.

Everything about the movie is top-notch, story, acting, design, portrayals.
I watched it on DVD. The dvd had an extra which was an original BBC programme at the time of Forster's death.
This 'extra' was worth watching in its own right.

In some ways it was like a re-imagined programme, that was made 30 years after it happened, part Wes Anderson, part Alan Partridge.

Sorry, that is being unfair to the programme.

Aside from A Room With A View, I can recommend Die Hard/ Die Hard II for that Christmassy feel.

What are your Christmas time watching favourites.
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# 2 : Tuesday 12-12-2017 @ 21:51
Netflix Origs!

Video Link :
# 3 : Tuesday 12-12-2017 @ 21:54
# 4 : Tuesday 12-12-2017 @ 21:58
Someone said :
Netflix Origs!

Video Link :

looks lovely
does he have a gay brother or uncle
# 5 : Wednesday 13-12-2017 @ 09:43
I think my favourite Christmas movie is The Roald Dahl. Not sure why cos its not even Christmas themed but our teacher in primary school showed it to us one year and it kinda stuck
# 6 : Wednesday 13-12-2017 @ 13:30
Just seen Howards End last week so I must check this out. There is a cute actor from Maurice in it which helps.

Sex And The City Movie or Titanic would be my picks. Die Hard is good too but it has aged a bit.

# 7 : Wednesday 13-12-2017 @ 19:34
Stop that now.. I wasn't crying, just got something in my eye..

Video Link :
# 8 : Saturday 16-12-2017 @ 13:21
My Christmas movie is Joyeux Noel set during World War 1
have watched it the last 5 christmases

Video Link :
# 9 : Saturday 16-12-2017 @ 16:54
Die hard, as always
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