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How Is Your Christmas Going?
# 1 : Tuesday 26-12-2017 @ 09:55
So fellow is the festive season turning out for everyone? Did you have a good time yesterday? Did you spend it with family and friends and get presents and stuff yourselves with turkey and ham? Did you spend it alone and was it just another day?

Myself, I'm staying in a hotel down in Cork with a very close friend. It's a lovely spot and not having to cook Christmas dinner was great. . Got a few very thoughtful presents (astronomy books and Lego) and had a lovely dinner. My second sober Christmas and fully enjoyed it.

Getting up now for breakfast, going for a swim in the pool and then off to some friends for dinner.

Hope you're all having a good, relaxing time. Share your experiences here!

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# 2 : Tuesday 26-12-2017 @ 09:58
Hangover, over and having a nice quiet one. Thank You, Santa.
# 3 : Tuesday 26-12-2017 @ 13:24
Had a great day. I am loving the tea total life.
Fed and changed my little girl at 6 this morning, then snuggled up in bed with her and she burrowed into my neck for another sleep.

Was lovely
# 4 : Tuesday 26-12-2017 @ 14:03
Had the red wine shits this morning.
# 5 : Tuesday 26-12-2017 @ 14:32
Hate that Sugartits. It comes out black
# 6 : Tuesday 26-12-2017 @ 14:40
Mine is going fine. Working through it all but don't really mind.
# 7 : Tuesday 26-12-2017 @ 14:46
The turkey was moist hallelujah

The Brussels sprouts got finished.

# 8 : Thursday 28-12-2017 @ 06:37
My mum had her brother, who is mentally disabled over for Christmas Day and dinner. He's full time in Western Care, but they (his siblings) can organize for him to come and spend time with them and our Mam asked if he come come for Christmas day to her's.

She was in great spirits the entire day.

There are 5 of us that do Secret Santa (it's become a tradition), 5 siblings, leaving Mum out (who we each just get our own thing for her) and our eldest sister (who herself is a mammy with her own family, who again we each get our own thing for them)
But between the 5 of us, we cut down having to buy truck loads of sock and lynx sets, and one of us each get's another a decent present that isn't just junk.

I got my youngest brother a Playstation4! (just to see the look on his face!!)
And my other brother (who got me) got me an album on Vinyl (all the rage now), a Low-whistle in Eb and I got bits and bobs like socks and jumpers from various other folk.

I've been gigging so much that I damaged my voice, and I'm going to go see a specialist in January to see if the damage is permanent (here's hoping I haven't destroying my only trade-able skill!).
# 9 : Thursday 28-12-2017 @ 12:33
I'm off to stay in a hotel tonight with friends to continue the festivities
# 10 : Thursday 28-12-2017 @ 14:06
Someone said :
I'm off to stay in a hotel tonight with friends to continue the festivities

An Orgy?
# 11 : Thursday 28-12-2017 @ 14:06
Snowing here, 2 inches so far and more to come.
# 12 : Thursday 28-12-2017 @ 17:01
Still waiting to open presents... one of them didn't arrive so the boys are adamant that we do it all together.
I don't mind.

In the throes of study for January exams...
Feels guilty to take a break heh.
# 13 : Thursday 28-12-2017 @ 17:02
Someone said :
2 inches so far and more to come.

# 14 : Thursday 28-12-2017 @ 20:52
Wow @ Greenmanpp, I kinda want to see the look on his face. That was very generous of you.
# 15 : Friday 29-12-2017 @ 12:06
Mine was quiet. I seem to be able to sleep lots when I visit home. Must be the country air! Spent some time with my 9 month old niece also which was nice. She got spoiled rotten with presents. I don't think she's a fan of my beard though!

My aunt was taken into hospital which was worrying but she's doing ok now.

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