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The Rural Crime Spree
# 1 : Monday 29-1-2018 @ 15:59
It seems like over this winter there has been an upsurge in robberies and burglaries and attacks on the vulnerable and elderly who live in isolated rural areas. Just a couple of days ago, an 83 year old Co Tyrone widow was seriously injured as she tried to flee her house which was being robbed. She is now fighting for her life.

Link: etc ...

These crimes seem to be on the increase and something needs to be done about it because the current justice system just isn’t working. The police know who these criminals are - they are taking advantage of the new motorway system to target isolated rural communities and prey on the weak and vulnerable. Scum.

I know it isn’t right-on PC to say so, but I increasingly think Padraig Nally had the right approach. Defend your property and trespassers beware.

If anyone has an elderly neighbor or relative, especially one living alone, I would ask if you could keep an eye out for them from time to time.

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# 2 : Monday 29-1-2018 @ 17:47
An elderly pair of brothers were robbed of €50,000 in my home town last year. Poor shites.
# 3 : Monday 29-1-2018 @ 20:34
An elderly woman was stalked in the supermarket in limerick by a foreign criminal who spied her using her pin and then followed her home and broke in to steal her bank card except she had forgotten her handbag and he tied her up and strangled her!
He got no money and left the country.

The rural elderly aren't the only ones being preyed on.
# 4 : Monday 29-1-2018 @ 21:25
The galling thing is that a lot of these career criminals have a hundred or so offenses under their belt before they get sent to jail.
# 5 : Tuesday 30-1-2018 @ 11:22
Someone said :
The galling thing is that a lot of these career criminals have a hundred or so offenses under their belt before they get sent to jail.

This is the problem.
# 6 : Tuesday 30-1-2018 @ 11:32
Always the most vulnerable are targeted,those without others to look out for them. Surely there is a way to provide some support and protection for them??
# 7 : Tuesday 30-1-2018 @ 11:43
Isn't closing rural garda stations part of the problem?
And there shouldn't be such a thing as a career criminal if a person makes a career of crime they should live permanently in prison.
# 8 : Wednesday 31-1-2018 @ 01:51
Three criminals arrested by Gardai in Westmeath in connection with the burglary of the home of a 96 year old widow in Sligo. 96? Utter scum! etc ...

What are the odds some judge will give them a slap on the wrist and a suspended sentence?
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