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LGBT Sources Of Support In A Heteronormative World
# 1 : Tuesday 30-1-2018 @ 14:01
Miriam, a Cyberpsychology Master's degree student at the IADT asked us to post a notice about her research study that may be of interest to some of you.
I'm conducting research that considers whether there are any differences between the levels of social support derived from LGBT forums and Facebook LGBT groups, and examines how this social support may affect well-being. I feel this research is important because it may help inform policy decisions concerning the provision of online LGBT support in the future.
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# 2 : Tuesday 30-1-2018 @ 18:20
Great thanks for posting. Will take the survey now.
# 3 : Tuesday 30-1-2018 @ 19:02
# 4 : Monday 19-2-2018 @ 12:13
Have LGBT forums and Facebook groups been an important support for you? Consider taking part in this survey from Miriam Hand, a Cyberpsychology student at IADT, which will evaluate how these supports may affect well-being:

# 5 : Wednesday 21-3-2018 @ 17:34
Done.. Not sure i was a whole lot of help given the nature of my wildly swinging sexuality but, every little bit helps i suppose..
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