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Difficulties And Complications...
# 1 : Saturday 10-3-2018 @ 21:20
Ive tried to check the forums and cant find a related article so admin and members please forgive me if I seem rude for a possible re-post....I work in a very very competitive environment and well paid,,,and although im really happy at my job I am not at all happy at which one of us is presenting if that makes sense..I say this as I am one poerson but have naturally always lived as two for protection mostly I guess for me and those connected to me.... If I were to change job I wouldn't even begin to know where to look as in feeling safe and accepted and just fit in etc....I appreciate this is such a vague question but any advice is always welcomed you guys xxxxx Is Society in general accepting??? or am I over wishfull.xxxx
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# 2 : Sunday 11-3-2018 @ 09:32
I think people to need to accept themselves and not focus on the what other people think, no matter how beautiful and charming somebody is, there will always be people who don't like you and there will always be someone somewhere who does.
# 3 : Sunday 11-3-2018 @ 21:04
Someone said :
I think people to need to accept themselves and not focus on the what other people think, no matter how beautiful and charming somebody is, there will always be people who don't like you and there will always be someone somewhere who does.

I agree.. Learning to accept yourself is probably the biggest battle we all face in this life.. A trick i use is imagining a Million years forwards in time.. will anything i said or done still be of any importance to anyone..? pretty doubtful.. of course you will always meet bigots & small minded people but, do not let them define you. Once you can look in the mirror & respect the person who is looking back at you then you are doing OK..

You say you have a good job in a high end industry then, i imagine you have a HR Manager. Maybe go to him/her, Sound out the company policy on Transgender employees. Take it from there..
# 4 : Sunday 11-3-2018 @ 22:34
My three cents:
- Don't lower your standards in order to feel loved or appreciated: you will only find jerks who are using you that way.
- Before talking to HR, go online to your Intranet, and find the HR policies. It is very very likely that they are published online. Also try and see if there is an LGBTetc group. Google the name of your company and "Gay Pride", to see if they have a presence at pride. Even if they are only paying lip service to it, it is a good place to start.
- Once you have all that info, then contact HR if you have questions: they will be helpful and inclusive, and their job is to support to be yourself, so that you can be the most productive you can be. Welcome to the good side of capitalism!

(Also Google your clients and Pride: you maybe able to bring "diversity" opportunities to your company, as some firms nowadays will demand of their vendors/contractors that they have a diversity policy and are LGBTetc friendly, as much as in the past they may have started demanding that they have Health and Safety policies, or abide by SOx!
# 5 : Monday 12-3-2018 @ 00:08
What Blah Said.. This may help also..

# 6 : Wednesday 21-3-2018 @ 18:08
Who knew.. Jessie James was TG..

# 7 : Wednesday 12-9-2018 @ 12:00
Hi Chloe I agree with everything you have said a person should focus on their own feelings and beliefs and not on beliefs and opinions of others there are too many small minded people in the world paying heed to their opinions and beliefs is not only a waste of time and energy but will only serve to drag you down if you believe that you are beautiful then you are and it's your belief that counts
# 8 : Wednesday 12-9-2018 @ 19:04
It depends Chloe.

I've seen Transgender people, friends of mine, and they are lovely, typical, confidant, regular folk.
It's not a prejudice though to say that most of them suffer from extreme bouts of socially induced insecurity (or at the very least "tension") from time to time.
Not their fault; It is not a consequence of being 'Transgender' or being who they are (I feel this is an important distinction). It's a consequence of being transgender in this society.
Idiots and rude people might give funny looks or ask questions under their breath to their mates, or crack a smile. Now, we know they are just idiots, but as we also know, the world is FULL of idiots and rude people, and only so many transgender people.

This becomes problematic when say, considering a new job environment.
I had someone very vaguly~slighty~bully~me~but~stay~within~the~rules in a work place once because (my guess) it was obvious to them that my destiny was not with their company.
I was adequately and happily doing my job, it was a temporary contract for a month or two. I was getting on well with everyone (colleges and customers), excelling the the environment, while, frustrating for them, not fulfilling my quota of 'fearing their power' as junior manager or coming sufficiently earlier-then-I-was-due-to-start-work as a means of showing my wish to go above and beyond in the menial ways they deemed significant.

That may sound like a tangent. But the point was, they tried everything, hints, comments. Me not having shaved that day was mentioned, me being slightly forgetful was mentioned, me chatting to customers for slightly too long was mentioned, etc, etc, all my tiny foibles and eccentricities were hinted at in the snide firing line.
Imagine if they started poking at the my homosexuality? my weight? Imagine if I was transgender!?

When you change job, you always go from the devil you know, to the devil you don't know, and if you've already had a life long battle with gender identity versus "the great uneducated" and you put that on top of bumping into a cunt like that, or several of them, or gossipers, or out right Transphobic people. You could end up going to a new workplace and hating it, but because people can be both assholes and cunning, you have no way to say "I feel shit here,", without them saying something like "the new girl,guy, whatever hey are is mental, they mustn't be right in the head" and any kind of voicing that frustration you might do, becomes evidence that yes you are paranoid and unhinged.

I don't have an answer, but I do know confidence and self belief is needed. You could simply fly on the plane of "it's actually no ones business, I'm here to work" and try keep your gender out of work entirely.

you could be up front "Right, hello I'm new, I am X person, I was born in X and moved too X, you all have 6 minutes to ask me anything you feel you need to about who I am as a person, keep the questions civil, and then we will never speak of it again as it does not concern the jobs we've been employed to do it is genuinely nice to meet all of you"

One of the most important pieces of logic though is the idea that these kinds of people, they actually don't matter. When you meet and know good people, it's so different, so much more relaxing.
It's those people; enlightened, accepting, laid back, respectful people. They're the ones we're all living for anyways, in a sense it actually doesn't matter about the rest. They have life learning to do, and it's not your job to tutor them. If you find yourself frustrated or besieged, just remember the people in your life that see the world for what it truly is; a place where you're supposed to be yourself.

Sorry for the long rambling post!
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