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Tusla: Anyone Used Them?
# 1 : Monday 26-3-2018 @ 16:36
I was wondering if anyone has used or heard of anyone using Tusla Adoption Services to try track down family?

My mum was in a convent from a very young age (I think she may have been moved from the Tuam Mother and Baby home as she was baptized in Galway in a church beside the home, also the witness on her cert was involved heavily with the mother and baby home).

I have had the Nancy Drew hat on for a few years but have had very little luck. The best I found was a photo from my mum when she was 13 at an art show.

I posted on a ancestry forum but they didnt allow explicit details.

Thankfully someone from the site with access to a lot of ancestry databases reached out to me.

From all that she can find the closest match could be a girl born in Stranorlar who would have been 15 when my mother was born..but its a long shot, and I cant find any more info on her.

Anyway, has anyone used Tusla?

They will be the next step, but I am concerned that because of the churches records and proclivity to secrecy Tusla may not be of use.

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# 2 : Tuesday 27-3-2018 @ 10:44
I think you have nothing to lose by trying at least.
Best of luck with it.
# 3 : Wednesday 28-3-2018 @ 14:53
Can't offer any advice re tusla Jay but, as someone whose Mother was adopted & only recently found who her family were i wish you the best of luck in your search.. She declined to meet them but, i think it gave her a lot of closure & answered a lot of questions for her plus, discovering the medical history of the family has been of great benefit.. Best of luck..
# 4 : Wednesday 28-3-2018 @ 16:06
Best of luck. Can't hurt to try.
Since Tusla was split from the HSE, one can only hope that they now care for the best interest of the child, in this case your mother.
# 5 : Thursday 29-3-2018 @ 08:50
Thanks guys.

Yeah mum just needs closure
I would hope that her mother or other family members are still alive..but will have to wait and see. If my grandmother was 15 at the time she would be about 73-75 now, so there is a chance.

I am going to do one of those DNA test too to see if anything comes up.
# 6 : Sunday 1-4-2018 @ 16:44
never dealt with Tulsa,,but not much luck with the child services in louth either..I was in a home in stamulen for a few years before being adopted and ive spent my life trying to find her,,but no body wants to help,,its like the secret society at times...I know they are busy people but omg why cant we get the information we need..This is an excellent thread may I add ..Thank you for posting it as id never have had the guts to open up.xx
# 7 : Monday 9-4-2018 @ 15:29
Thank you for posting it as id never have had the guts to open up

No problem, it's good to get these things out in the open.

There has been enough hidden by the church and looks like the only way we can get any information is by helping each other out.

# 8 : Monday 9-4-2018 @ 18:28
Hey Jay - long time no see on the boards here. Welcome back and stick around!

I sincerely hope your mother finds the information she seeks as people who were born and raised in those (IMO) frankly vile institutions of misery can be very tortured inside for most of their lives about their past experiences there and/or their origins and lack of knowledge about their natural birth parents. I'd forget trying to contact the nuns (those few who are still alive) directly as you will be stonewalled and met with at best unhelpful indifference and at worst nasty arrogance. After all, these were the sort of people that ran these hellholes.

Tusla is your best bet, The local authorities may have info themselves on records and then there was that researcher - I can't recall her name - who did extensive research on records from Tuam and unearthed the whole disgusting scandal of what was basically the mass murder of babies and infants and the cover up.

i wish you the best in your search!

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