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# 1 : Thursday 29-3-2018 @ 20:49
Venus is very brilliant in the western sky at the moment..
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# 2 : Thursday 29-3-2018 @ 21:18
Galaxy found with possibly no Dark Matter in it..

# 3 : Thursday 29-3-2018 @ 22:35
That's a bit mad ! No dark matter ?
# 4 : Monday 21-5-2018 @ 13:01
NASA's TESS takes snapshot of 200k Stars.. I'll start counting in the bottom right, you can start in the top left.. Also, if you listen to the radio frequency of the stars it says Yanny..

# 5 : Thursday 20-12-2018 @ 11:14
Planets are invisible to us at and near conjunctions because they are lost in the glare of the sun.

The rare exception to this is when an inferior conjunction happens and the planet is on the same plane as us and the sun. When that happens we see a spectacular transit of Venus or Mercury across the face of the sun.

Sadly, they are quite rare. To see Venus pass in front of the sun. The best time to see Venus and Mercury is when they are at greatest elongation, shown as pink rings on the diagram below. At greatest elongation, they are as far from the sun as they get from our perspective on Earth.

For Mercury that still normally means challenging viewing. It orbits so close to the sun that it is rarely visible for more than an hour before sunrise or after sunset, so we are finding the planet in the glow of dusk or dawn. Unlike the inferior planets, the outer planets never pass between Earth and the sun. At opposition, we sit directly between them and the sun, which we find easiest to think of as the sun being 'behind' us with the planet 'facing' us.
# 6 : Friday 21-12-2018 @ 02:08
Astronomy is an amazing subject and interest. I’ve been into astronomy since my late teens, have a telescope and follow space exploration missions closely.

The thought that we are a just a tiny speck in the cosmos is both incredibly humbling and awe-inspiring.
# 7 : Friday 21-12-2018 @ 11:09
Live in the county that had once the largest telescope in the world and Europe and they are going to put a big Astronomy center in the town and have the first center in the midlands with the state of the art Astronomy center and will be able to see the planets and the stars we don't see in this center and so I am excited about it.
# 8 : Friday 21-12-2018 @ 20:11
# 9 : Friday 21-12-2018 @ 20:38
Love that photo!
# 10 : Friday 21-12-2018 @ 21:47
I think we can not be the only ones out there in space and think that there surely is another planet like earth out there.
# 11 : Saturday 22-12-2018 @ 01:30
The idea that Earth is the only planet in the entire universe with intelligent life is incredibly ignorant, arrogant and frankly absurd.

Since the mid 1990s we now know that most other stars in the night sky have solar systems.
# 12 : Saturday 22-12-2018 @ 14:43
Then that UFO society in Ireland where the founder says she has seen many aliens and is not insane as they are out there could be proven right in many years to come.
# 13 : Wednesday 11-9-2019 @ 22:36
# 14 : Tuesday 31-12-2019 @ 13:38
Yesterday Mercury was as far from the sun as it ever is.
Mercury's 88-day orbit around the Sun carried it to its furthest point to the Sun – its aphelion – at a distance of 0.47 AU.
# 15 : Tuesday 29-9-2020 @ 21:08
Northern lights possibly visible for the next few days..

https://www.thejournal.ie/northern-lights-ireland-4-5216758-Sep20 etc ...
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