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Bluetooth Earphones
# 1 : Tuesday 24-4-2018 @ 21:13
Hi. Has anyone bought a kit to transmit audio from a non bluetooth enabled device like a desktop PC to wireless bluetooth earphones? So something you could plug into the headphone jack or USB port on a desktop PC and it would allow you to connect wireless earphones. This is for work purposes only so doesn't need to include high quality earphones. A single earpiece would be fine too.
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# 2 : Wednesday 25-4-2018 @ 07:29
I've a few usb Bluetooth dongles at home that do the job. They are tiny and dirt cheap on eBay, gearbest etc...

Think I paid €2 for them at the time.

Just from a quick Google search.®-Bluetooth-Adapter-Transmitter-Re etc ...
# 3 : Wednesday 25-4-2018 @ 08:20
Thank you
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