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Crossdressing Lunch At Sea Roleplay
# 1 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 17:37
Okay so just for a bit of fun, here's a cding roleplay,I as Andrea and a friend (male or female) are on a sailing trip on a sunny weekend.
During this we get our clothes dirty and have to wash them. Looking for male or female answers as to how this comes about.
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# 2 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 18:51
You buy some Ariel 3 in 1 pods and throw the clothes in with one of them in the washing machine (that I assume came with the boat) and set it to a 2 hour 30 degree colour cotton's wash and if you are lucky it is a combined washer and drier but if not just hang them on the rail on the deck and they will be dry in no time. Of course if it is a salt water area you might want to use some Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner in the wash too just to make sure the pipes don't get clogged.
# 3 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 18:56
The only possible way you can get dirty in your fantasy is by having a food fight..
# 4 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 19:34
Not after just washing and drying their clothes, that would be insane!
# 5 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 19:42
Would the Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer run off the Yacht Battery or from a Gas Cylinder..?
# 6 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 20:03
Gas Cylinder would probably be more efficient as long as they could resist the urge to use it as a butt plug
# 7 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 20:12
Well, at least you would never drown if you fell overboard whilst using the Gas cylinder as a butt plug.. Built in floatation device..
# 8 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 20:17
Someone said :
Looking for male or female answers as to how this comes about.

How the clothes got dirty or how to clean them?
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# 9 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 20:28
Correction: should have said that here's its actually about how the women's clothes get dirty and messed up.
# 10 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 20:45
Probably from doing all the cooking and making sandwiches, have you any idea how hard it is to clean out an oven? and don't fucking talk to me about changing the oil in a deep fat fryer or cleaning the skid marks out of men's underwear, like seriously lads do you actually know what toilet roll is for?

# 11 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 20:51
Someone said :
Correction: should have said that here's its actually about how the women's clothes get dirty and messed up.

Well, you should have said.. Turns out she got all greased up fixing the engine while you sat around in your fat man pants drinking beer whilst wondering why the big wheelie thing in front of you wasn't making the boat go..
# 12 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 21:14
Vanish is really good for that, getting grease (and skid marks) out of clothes I mean not teaching fat bastards how to steer a boat obviously
# 13 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 21:26
Andrea driving the Boat..

# 14 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 21:36
Ahhh well lets be fair, obviously he was too preoccupied trying to pick the G-string out of his ass to actually watch where he was going. On the bright side it is probably the only time he will ever be able to use the phrase "I once rear ended 2 blokes and a chick and after they went down they came up soaking wet"
# 15 : Thursday 23-8-2018 @ 14:52
That was certainly a near miss alright.
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