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The Demise Of The Rural Irish Town
# 31 : Saturday 5-1-2019 @ 10:16
Yeah, same crap in my town.
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# 32 : Sunday 6-1-2019 @ 10:18
It's not just Rural Ireland..
# 33 : Tuesday 8-1-2019 @ 04:37
I posted up a thread on the slow death of rural Ireland on another internet forum and the general concensus is (apart from the usual petty squabbling) is that this is a trend that is happening globally and should not be resisted or reversed.

But if more and more people move to Dublin - how and where will they live, given the housing crisis?
# 34 : Wednesday 9-1-2019 @ 00:01
Other countries bring life back to their countryside with innovative ideas like in Italy they allow artists to have rural town shops free but they must be there all day to sell & do their art, and they attract tourists to look at them .
I think they do it in Spain as well.
It would never happen here because our politicians are too square to get their heads around it and the towns themselves probably wouldn't see any benefit .

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