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HIV Home Testing
# 1 : Friday 18-5-2018 @ 13:06
Had a bit of a scare again regarding HIV status when I found out just recently someone I had relations with was positive. Put the heart across myself and then I was thinking of everyone I was with and panic set in. I almost had myself convinced I was positive...

Hate having to go to a centre to be tested and have some stranger dealing with you. So I went online and was able to order a home testing kit from the UK. It arrived in 4 days and thanks be to God the result was negative. I was bricking it watching the solution move up the strip and was saying.. 'look, theres the second line... ' and I could feel my heart almost stop. But there was only one line.

I think these kits should be made available to buy in pharmacies all round the country. People are probably afraid or ashamed to go get themselves tested in clinics or hospitals or their GP's. If I had tested positive, not sure what I would have done next, but it would have been nice to at least have the time to let it sink in and get all the info I needed first, before getting it seen to by the 'professionals'.

But yes.. just wanted to share this with you all to remind ourselves to be careful about what we do... and to be safe as much as we can and if unsure.. go get tested so at least you know.
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# 2 : Friday 18-5-2018 @ 13:35
Thanks for sharing Noah. It’s always good to know your STI status and if sexually active to get tested regularly. Personally I wouldn’t recommend a HIV home test as I firmly believe pre and post-testing counseling are very important and this can only be done at a test Centre.

Glad to hear you are ok.
# 3 : Friday 18-5-2018 @ 13:43
They sell drug testing kits in the chemists. Maybe they should sell HIV testing kits also.

Glad to hear you're ok Noah
# 4 : Friday 18-5-2018 @ 14:26
Thanks... I agree that counselling is important and especially if a test comes back positive. But the kit I got had all little flyers with it that told you what to do, who to contact etc... I just think they should be made available to people to purchase in chemists here. I reckon a lot more people would go and get themselves tested that way... especially married men etc.
# 5 : Friday 18-5-2018 @ 15:54
Good to know there are options if you dont live near a testing centre. Glad it went well Noah.
# 6 : Friday 18-5-2018 @ 18:42
Its called BioSure. 30 euro per kit... but very fast delivery. I got mine in 4 days. My reason for wanting to do it at home was that I work in the health sector and didnt feel comfortable going to a clinic and asking for the test (in case it was positive). It would have implications... I just think this home testing should be an option for people here. If its available in the UK prob only a matter of time before it comes here... but the sooner the better.

Test was easy to do. Was a bit stressful waiting for the result and the result to show but Im so glad I did it.
# 7 : Saturday 19-5-2018 @ 01:04
Really pleased that it all went well for you Noah.
# 8 : Saturday 19-5-2018 @ 13:40
Glad it went well for you
When I had a scare about 5 years ago I ordered tests online and took them.
They were oral tests were the ones you ordered oral or finger prick
# 9 : Friday 27-7-2018 @ 13:25
From today all chemists in Ireland are supplying over the counter HIV testing kits.
# 10 : Friday 27-7-2018 @ 22:12
A brave choice to buy something like that over the counter I think. Maybe in a city pharmacy it would be more discreet.
# 11 : Saturday 28-7-2018 @ 13:28
I dont think there is any good way to find ut your HIV+ the same way there is no good way to find out you have cancer
Know one really knows how you'd react unless it happens to you
I am glad these tests are available but would prefer to see the oral ones
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