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Gay Friendly B&B
# 1 : Sunday 10-6-2018 @ 14:03
Just heard from some friends of mine that Cúlú B&B on Inishbofin is very gay friendly ... just letting you know as there are not that many similar places out there ...
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# 2 : Tuesday 12-6-2018 @ 21:43
What do you mean there's not many similar places out there? All you are giving us is here say. I've stayed all over Ireland as part of a gay couple and never came across a hotel or B&B that wasn't gay friendly. Ever!
# 3 : Tuesday 12-6-2018 @ 21:53
He did say 'Very Gay friendly' so, maybe he means like really Gay friendly as in, swinging Gay friendly..
# 4 : Tuesday 12-6-2018 @ 23:26
I’ve stayed at B&Bs, hotels, hostels, resorts, guest houses etc with my former OH and other gay male partners and I’ve never had a problem anywhere.

So pretty much all B&Bs and other accommodation in Ireland is “gay friendly.” A tiny tiny minority is not and they have been landed in legal trouble for violating the Equal Status laws which were enacted in the late 1990s.

Or do you mean gay owned and run B&Bs? They exist but are not that numerous here.

The days of gay men or women as couples being accepted in only a minority of places is long, long gone.
# 5 : Friday 15-6-2018 @ 01:06
*some posts removed*

1. Not their 1st post.
2. Member since 2002.
3. Everyone chill, Jesus.
# 6 : Friday 15-6-2018 @ 01:23
Weird! I must have checked the wrong profile. Apologies.
# 7 : Friday 15-6-2018 @ 09:14
If you're even in Haworth (historical English village in Yorkshire, famous for the Bronte sisters) go to 'Ye Sleepy House' on the historical main street.

Ran by a Gay couple. lovely guys.
# 8 : Friday 15-6-2018 @ 14:43
What is it with some folk here with the aggression in their replies on issues? You can make your points in a courteous tone people, there's enough grief on the planet without you adding to it. And you know who you are, it's nearly a way of life for you, so back off. Bloody hell......
# 9 : Sunday 17-6-2018 @ 00:44
Calm yer tits!
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