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General Prime Video Topic
# 1 : Tuesday 12-6-2018 @ 22:15
Prime Video has finally made it to Ireland.. Watched two great John Grisham Movies on it. A Time to kill & The client ..
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General Prime Video Topic
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# 2 : Thursday 14-6-2018 @ 15:21
Streaming quality is shit at the moment (voices out of sync mostly) & the content is limited but, with the money that Amazon has behind it this will be a major player in the next few years..
# 3 : Friday 15-6-2018 @ 01:16
Could be the device you are watching it on. I dont think there is enough content to justify a sub but I am grateful they have picked up The Expanse which was recently cancelled by Syfy.
# 4 : Wednesday 29-8-2018 @ 16:27
Well I finally caved and bought a year's Prime today as its £20 off (until midnight). Was getting fed up having to wait over a week for orders to arrive.

I was able to change my Primevideo location to UK with their online chat so I also have Prime Music and a greater selection of shows to watch.
# 5 : Thursday 30-8-2018 @ 18:22
Hearing a lot of Buzz lately about a show called Mr. Robot

Going to check it out soon..
# 6 : Thursday 30-8-2018 @ 19:33
Its mostly good, the format is similar to Dexter but without all the killing. Must check out season 2 and 3 myself.
# 7 : Thursday 18-10-2018 @ 20:03
All six seasons of VIKINGS are available now..
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