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Scruff Hookup App
# 1 : Monday 16-7-2018 @ 17:02
Anyone else used it yet? It seems to have more "masculine" and hirsute guys than Grindr and since I've joined up my intimate life has been seriously rekindled.

I have to say I've no compaints. The guys on Scruff seem more mature in every sense of the word than those on Grindr. Much more patient and very few blank profiles.

# 2 : Monday 16-7-2018 @ 17:13
So you're getting your hole....
# 3 : Tuesday 17-7-2018 @ 01:13
Someone said :
So you're getting your hole....

Well go on Scruff and get yours too!!
# 4 : Tuesday 17-7-2018 @ 19:31
Last time I used it, there were very few profiles online. Maybe I will give it another go. I could do with getting laid lol.
# 5 : Thursday 19-7-2018 @ 01:50
It's seems slightly more populated (in Ireland anyways) then GROWLr is.
I've recently downloaded it for a gawk.
# 6 : Friday 20-7-2018 @ 11:58
Is it not the same ol' profiles on all the other apps? It seems to be the same guys on Grindr/GD etc.....oh avoid Fabguys that is a completely fucked up site
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