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Forum Changes / New TV TG Category
# 1 : Sunday 29-7-2018 @ 12:24
To address the recent increase in CD / TG topics, soon there will be one or two new forum categories for cross dressing and transgender topics. I am seeking feedback from members interested in these topics as to whether one category is enough or should transgender issues be placed into a separate category?

With that increase there has also been an increase in the number of disparaging remarks aimed at members in these topics. This will not be tolerated. If you have no interest in these topics you should ignore them (see below).

There will be a new facility to filter out any topic categories that you find uninteresting.

As always, post in the topics that interest you, start new ones if you have to.
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# 2 : Sunday 29-7-2018 @ 18:11
Just one category sounds good but either way is fine with me
# 3 : Wednesday 1-8-2018 @ 08:16
You may want to somehow separate the fetish side of the spectrum with the existential one.
Just like you have a different section for "sexual" and "love/health".

One that should not be seen by kids (the one that does not show on the unlogged page or home page), and one that is informative and could help someone who may otherwise be put-off by the explicit content.

That does not mean CD vs TG vs TV, by the way before someone jumps at my throat...
I'll let the community decide what both categories should be called!

Maybe: trans-health and trans-sex. What do I know
# 4 : Wednesday 1-8-2018 @ 13:39
Yeah I was thinking the same but it might actually be handy for those interested to have the topics all in the same place. For now, I have created a new category "Transgender" and we will see how the feedback goes as to whether one category is enough.
# 5 : Wednesday 1-8-2018 @ 17:07
Okay the aforementioned filter facility is now live. Forum options has been taken out of General Options and now it is a separate section.

Click Options and then Forum Options.
# 6 : Monday 6-8-2018 @ 18:08
I wouldn't have thought Trans people would want to be under the same heading as Crossdressers.
# 7 : Monday 6-8-2018 @ 21:45
Loving the filter.
Just set mine up.
# 8 : Tuesday 7-8-2018 @ 23:37
Someone said :
I wouldn't have thought Trans people would want to be under the same heading as Crossdressers.

No issue with me (I'm trans)
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