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Trans Pride
# 61 : Sunday 12-8-2018 @ 11:36
Someone said :
In what regard

Most of your posts here are linked
to transphobia to be honest; questioning trans pride, questioning trans identities, bringing in mental illness, giving us evidence from hate groups, use of hate arguments used by TERFs
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# 62 : Sunday 12-8-2018 @ 12:00
What the hell is a TERF when its at home?
# 63 : Sunday 12-8-2018 @ 12:35
Someone said :
What the hell is a TERF when its at home?

Trans exclusionary radical feminist

Basically a hate group of cisgender women obsessed with hating trans women which tries to undermine them, ridicule them, block them, legally stop them at every avenue etc

# 64 : Sunday 12-8-2018 @ 13:01
Thanks for the info. Have never heard the saying before. It all seems very complicated.
# 65 : Sunday 12-8-2018 @ 16:36
Simply dismissing counter arguments as TERF (whom for the record I disagree with) is not constructive of a reasonable debate or argument. To dismiss any and all such arguments will not help the trans movement.

You point regarding the WHO in relation to defining homosexuality as a mental disease is valid but doesn't answer the question of why they declassified gender dysmorphia as a mental disease, and how they reached this conclusion
# 66 : Sunday 12-8-2018 @ 19:30
What's your obsession with it, live and let live. Life is short, difficult and precious. Allow people, to live their life as they see fit and get on with your own. If they're proud of who they are, proud that the fight to be accepted was worthwhile and wish to express themselves in that way. Then, Let it be!
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