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Have Any Of You CD's Ever Ripped Or Torn Female Clothing When Dressed?
# 1 : Monday 20-8-2018 @ 15:28
have any of you crossdressers ever accidentally ripped or torn any item of female clothing when dressed? I ripped a few skirts when i was younger (wearing no knickers) i might add when i started crossdressing as a teenaqer. Doesn't happen as much anymore though.
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# 2 : Monday 20-8-2018 @ 21:10
Plenty of pantyhose that belongs to my girlfriend.
# 3 : Tuesday 21-8-2018 @ 11:12
When first trying out cross dressing, I would "borrow" items to try on ... one time I lifted a pair of lovely silky knickers from bedroom at a friend's house which belonged to his wife and popped in the loo to try them on.... they were a bit snug and as i pulled them up, the whole elasticated frilled top tore off and the gusset split... I was stood there mortifed! I could not put them back like that so had to put them in my pocket and take them home... feeling very guilty ... but I kept them a while so I must have gotten over it
# 4 : Tuesday 21-8-2018 @ 12:33
well bought stockings for myself and my ex boyfriend tried it and ripped them off.
and me to during initial stage used to wear few borrowed clothes from my friends and got them ripped and ended up returning them new stuffs hahah
was fun though
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