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Is It So Wrong To Want Older Men
# 16 : Thursday 30-8-2018 @ 21:25
Someone said :
Hi guys .... I am completely new here and am actively seeking a night of passion with 3 older men ? I have absolutely little to no experience but i know what I want... So why is it so wrong to want to be with 3 older guys at the same time for my first experience ? I am an attractive 37 year old and i have a nice body and often turn the heads of men and women walking into a shop ? I have perfect health and amazing white teeth. Yet when it comes to me trying to find 3 willing older guys ... i can only find guys who DONT wish to share me ? They say things like ah no i want you to myself or no i wouldnt feel comfortable? If its not a problem with me then i dont understand why its a problem for them ? Ive always longed to have 3 men pass me around espically in mid air .... just being held by one tall older guy as another older guy fxxks me and the other guy make me suck him ... What is wrong with wanting to make my first time to be specail with 3 older grateful horney daddies ....please help

What porn clip is that? I’d say you’ve burnt it into your screen .
Are you still a virgin at 37? Ffs stop wanking stop fantasising and try and get fucked by one fella and then ....
# 17 : Thursday 30-8-2018 @ 21:38
Well if you get two more I’ll join in...
# 18 : Thursday 30-8-2018 @ 22:35
Thankyou very much Crazy poster
I really appreciate your help
# 19 : Friday 31-8-2018 @ 00:16
Just a reminder that this is a discussion topic and not a personal ad. If you have a proposition for the OP, please mail him rather than post it here.
# 20 : Friday 31-8-2018 @ 01:43
No worries at all. Hope you find what you're looking for (another song lyric), but listen to the sound advice from the guys - build on a one to one experience first. Multiple sessions can be really heavy stuff. Take care mate.
# 21 : Monday 10-9-2018 @ 09:44
Takes all sorts I suppose but I'm sure if you keep looking carefully, you will find something along the lines of what you're looking for.
# 22 : Monday 17-9-2018 @ 17:15
you are an idiot, what a dumb story to peddle
# 23 : Monday 17-9-2018 @ 21:45
What an ill-mannered man you are. What gives you the idea that you can call him an "idiot" just because you don;t approve of his fantasy?
I think it sounds very erotic indeed but that he should take it step by step. There's no need to be so offensive. You should apologise.
# 24 : Tuesday 18-9-2018 @ 20:38
Very erotic is right. Love older guys
# 25 : Tuesday 18-9-2018 @ 23:16
Hiya newbie, I'd love to make up a threesome or foursome with u anytime, I'm a hung 64yr old, problem is I'm only in dublinoccasionally, sean.
# 26 : Tuesday 18-9-2018 @ 23:17
Hiya newbie, I'd love to make up a threesome or foursome with u anytime, I'm a hung 64yr old, problem is I'm only in dublinoccasionally, sean.
# 27 : Wednesday 19-9-2018 @ 11:42
If you want it you will find it, but I suspect at this point you are looking more for advice.
my advice, find one guy, do all your into together, then spread your wings.
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