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Gay Fiction / Creative Writing
# 1 : Tuesday 4-9-2018 @ 18:34
Opinion Seeking.
Is this venue open to exchanging gay, sexually explicit fictional narratives, short stories and the like?
# 2 : Tuesday 4-9-2018 @ 19:18
Sure ... we can see how it goes. I have moved the topic to Sexual Issues as you mention that it may contain sexually explicit text. Sexually explicit images are not allowed though.
# 3 : Thursday 6-9-2018 @ 18:25
try tumblr, or blogger, or blogspot, there's even dedicated communities online for this (or whatever stuff) you're talking about.

Once you mark it as explicit, you can write whatever you want.
I've got stuff up online (anonymously) and a small following too.

When it comes to text, if you can imagine it, there's a small audience for it.
# 4 : Friday 7-9-2018 @ 17:12
Hey greenmanpp any chance you can send me a link to something you've written?
# 5 : Friday 7-9-2018 @ 22:29
Sorry to be unhelpful, but keeping it anonymous helps me use it as a sounding board for deep/dark/subconscious stuff and as such I will never link anyone to it for any reason.

But if you just use google, there are blogs out there, communities etc.
if what you're looking for is closely related to porn, (or just plain and simply IS porn) use an incognito window
# 6 : Saturday 8-9-2018 @ 17:37
It might be worthwhile to check out,
# 7 : Sunday 9-9-2018 @ 09:13
There is quite of lot of gay erotica on the web and in print - it is just a matter of knowing where to look.

Joining up a site like Justusboys might be a useful starting point.

Aiden Shaw (British former gay porn actor and novellist) and Rob Damon have authored gay erotica with actual plots and storylines as well as lots of man on man action.
# 8 : Monday 10-9-2018 @ 09:25 is another site to peruse and upload if you so wish. So many to choose from.
# 9 : Wednesday 12-9-2018 @ 08:55
I find it impossible to find decent gay books
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