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Crossdressing Female Roles
# 1 : Sunday 9-9-2018 @ 13:05
Ok so, which of these two female res would you play if you could?(1) Office girl/ receptionist. (2) Business Woman. Personally, I'm leaning towards the first option.
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# 2 : Monday 10-9-2018 @ 05:20
It depends on the business.
# 3 : Sunday 24-2-2019 @ 13:43
Office girl,

As a retired Rep/ Salesman I had a call once a month where I parked my car in a space outside my call in the adjacent building I would look at the 1st floor window where an office girl waS always sitting opposite the long glass window of her office. She always wore a mini skirt and had her legs open what a thrill that call was once every month... a few times i received a tiny smile as I was looking the car door looking up at her
# 4 : Sunday 24-2-2019 @ 13:44
*** locking the car door
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