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Why Is The Forum Eating Line Spaces?
# 1 : Sunday 9-9-2018 @ 21:22
Why are the lines spaces in my post getting eaten?

Plz fix.
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# 2 : Monday 10-9-2018 @ 13:26
It's a new script that makes most posts look tidier basically. I have adjusted it to be less aggressive with line-breaks near format tags
# 3 : Monday 10-9-2018 @ 18:08
If I ask nicely, will you make it stop eating the ones at the ends of sentences too?
# 4 : Monday 10-9-2018 @ 20:08
For what purpose do you need more than 2 line returns?
# 5 : Tuesday 11-9-2018 @ 03:16
When writing paragraphs, if I place a fullstop then click return. On the posted version the next sentence starts immediately after the full stop, even though I typed it to begin on the next line.

Say if I were writing a limerick;

There was a young man from Dundee,
Who was stung on the knee by a wasp,
When asked "does it hurt",
he said "not at all,
"It can do it again if it likes".

In my post there were all separate lines.

as in

# 6 : Tuesday 11-9-2018 @ 21:18
Ok will get it sorted later in the week. Dying with a cold at the minute.
# 7 : Thursday 13-9-2018 @ 14:25
This has been fixed now.
# 8 : Thursday 13-9-2018 @ 20:54

Thank you,
A Thomas Haiku,
Labour's bounty.

# 9 : Thursday 13-9-2018 @ 22:42
# 10 : Friday 14-9-2018 @ 08:27
Someone said :

Thank you,
A Thomas Haiku,
Labour's bounty.

Do we need a few more syllables to make it a haiku?
# 11 : Friday 14-9-2018 @ 21:35
Someone said :

Do we need a few more syllables to make it a haiku?

Please reword that to make it a haiku!
# 12 : Saturday 15-9-2018 @ 21:40
Someone said :

Do we need a few more syllables to make it a haiku?

No, there is no way to directly transfer haiku form into English as Japanese language uses "characters", rather then letter, syllables and words. and any one character can be 1 syllable, many syllables, or a word by itself.

So when translating the character count(2-3-2 and 5-7-5 characters) into English do you do words? or syllables? etc.

The representation I prefer the most is to use the character count in Japanese, as the number of stressed syllables in English (the accented parts of words).

So the 2-3-2/5-7-5 characters per line, becomes that many stressed syllables in the lines of the English version.

This makes the length of the poem in better keeping with the length of a haiku, and it helps trivialize the use of incidental unaccented English words such as "the" "a" "of", etc., The likes of which have no equivalent in Japanese.

It's also traditional for Haiku's to mention nature and/or the seasons.

Snow White ,
Poi son app le bite ,
A waits Spring
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