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Truckers At Service Stations And Motorway Lay-by's
# 1 : Wednesday 12-9-2018 @ 12:30
I travel quite a bit around the country and often wondered if it is possible to have some fun at truck stops or Lay-bys?
Some of the Services have shower facilities for truckers and I regretted one occasion last year when I pulled over at a Service station and while in the gents toilet washing my hands a Bear Trucker came out of the shower only wrapped in a towel and proceeded to dry himself off which I could clearly see in the mirror.
He walked back to the shower, looked back at me and went inside leaving the door slightly ajar meaning for me to follow I presume. I was a little caught off guard and another person came into the Gents putting me off following him into the shower. Does this go on often at lay-by's and service stations and are there any signals that indicate that a Trucker is looking for some company?
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# 2 : Wednesday 12-9-2018 @ 14:18
Quite possible. But I'm not into cruising so I really wouldn't know. I do know that in the States gay truckers and other gay/bi men would hook up in truck services. It seems to be a big theme in gay literary erotica.

A few years back there were a couple of posters on here discussing cruising and hookups at laybys on the old national primary road network before they were replaced by all the motorways.

Be careful, you could mis-read "cues" and leave yourself open to be attacked. might help you out here...
# 3 : Thursday 13-9-2018 @ 08:17
Thank you for your input and advice Jupiter
# 4 : Thursday 13-9-2018 @ 16:39
There are lots of truck stops to have fun Tougher in Newbridge check
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