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The 1990s - A Decade Of Huge Changes?
# 1 : Sunday 16-9-2018 @ 11:58
What are Gaireans memories of Ireland back in the 90s? For me it was my coming of age decade and everything seemed fresh, new and exciting. I was in college during the mid 1990s and had a complete ball.

Ireland was changing hugely back then - gay sex decriminalised in 1993, the growth of the gay scene, Mary Robinson as our first woman President, divorce legalised in 1995 (by a wafer thin margin in the referendum) the power of the Catholic church collapsing with the emergence of all the scandals showing them to be total hypocrites, the economy taking off after 1994...

Do Gaireans have similar memories? I think the 90s was a real turning point for Ireland.

Great music too!!
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# 2 : Sunday 16-9-2018 @ 23:16
I wish, I could give some good memories but I don't have any and it was a good time though.
# 3 : Monday 17-9-2018 @ 14:17
It is the decade of my teen years and will always have a special place in my heart. I have been feeling very nostalgic for the decade a lot recently watching old TV shows from the time and listening to music.
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