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Male Circumcision
# 1 : Thursday 8-11-2018 @ 20:54
The very idea horrifies me normally but I must admit that a circumcised penis can look very good and tidy and seems to have health benefits too, if I'm to believe what I read at times.
I do think that it should be an informed decision by the male at a certain age - not sure what one to be honest - rather than forced on a young boy or indeed baby.
I'm a tad old for it now probably but I'd be interested to hear what what cut and uncut boys and men have to say on the topic?
# 2 : Thursday 8-11-2018 @ 21:41
I got cut in my 40s about 10 years ago. Best decision I ever made. go for it if you want to!
# 3 : Thursday 8-11-2018 @ 21:41
Cruel mutilation when performed for pseudo cultural/religious reasons on children.

Porn-driven fad for adults.

Rarely medically justified procedure.
# 4 : Thursday 8-11-2018 @ 21:43
I was not porn driven - just had a tight foreskin. Put it off for ages and was really happy when I got it done!
# 5 : Thursday 8-11-2018 @ 21:52
You could ducktape your foreskin back and simulate the circumcised experience tell us how it feels it
# 6 : Thursday 8-11-2018 @ 21:54
Someone said :
I was not porn driven - just had a tight foreskin. Put it off for ages and was really happy when I got it done!

I'd say you spend a fortune on lube or does aldi/ lidl sell lube?
# 7 : Thursday 8-11-2018 @ 22:04
No need for lube [except for sex of course...]. It's amazing. I was worried it would be sore but it's fine. you're welcome to come over and see my cut cock sometime, lads!
# 8 : Thursday 8-11-2018 @ 23:40
I got circumcised at 55. It was necessary because I had developed phimosis - an extreme tightness of the foreskin. I'm used to it now but sometimes I still miss my foreskin.
# 9 : Friday 9-11-2018 @ 17:54
No Health benefits.

The only time it's necessary is if there is a problem with the person's foreskin and even at that, there are procedures that can fix that which don't involve circumcision.
# 10 : Friday 9-11-2018 @ 20:50
Like John K, i was diagnosed with phimosis about 7 yrs ago (age 55). It was sore and when the skin would crack, the stinging pain was fierce especially when having a pee. Sex was out as the skin would tear and bleed. Got it done and out same day from hospital. The bandage wrap was enormous but the recovery was fairly quick, probably 4-5 days but my cock looked raw and ugly at first but not sore at all. My lad is very sensitive since the removal though,and definitely different having sex or jerking off. It took a while to get used to it too, and initially I would get erections walking around as my knob would be rubbing off my briefs - sometimes useful but sometimes not. Happy out now but prefer the foreskin.
# 11 : Friday 9-11-2018 @ 21:53
I'd rather cut it all off, takes up too much room and gets in the way of everything
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