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Do You Hold Grudges?
# 1 : Tuesday 13-11-2018 @ 16:43
Do you keep obsessive records of all the little things you can use against everyone in any future argument, or do you tend to let things slide/go?

How much forgiving and forgetting are you willing and/or able to perform?
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# 2 : Tuesday 13-11-2018 @ 17:25
Is remembering not to do business ever again, with a certain person a grudge?
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# 3 : Tuesday 13-11-2018 @ 17:43
Someone said :
Is remembering not to do business ever again, with a certain person a grudge?

It is.
Grudges may be justified!
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# 4 : Tuesday 13-11-2018 @ 18:21
I've learned not to.


But I learned not too.
They're almost never justified and you realize you're poisoning your own mind with obsessive mean-spirited thoughts, and it's better to be a positive person.
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# 5 : Tuesday 13-11-2018 @ 18:33
years ago when I was badly bullied at school and awful stuff happened to me but, because I had support from people and it was nearly 22 years ago my friend told me to let it go and heal and move on, I have never been in contact with those people again and just moved on. I also held a grudge for years with my father who seemed to treat me like I was just a stranger and not family and that my sisters were invited to his new home in Paris his new wife and son and they also chatted but I was never invited nor did he ever talk to me so had no idea why? But when he died a week ago and I went to the funeral and felt strange as I never truly knew him as my father.
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# 6 : Thursday 15-11-2018 @ 13:26
I use to when I was younger but now I'm holder I find it difficult to remember
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# 7 : Thursday 15-11-2018 @ 18:24
I was wondering where my recent post went
Same thread.
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