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Buy Concert Tickets Online
# 1 : Saturday 17-11-2018 @ 13:24
I know ticket touting has now been banned (something I disagree with) but anyone know or recommend a legit site to buy tickets for concerts in Ireland looking to get some for a couple of gigs next year
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# 2 : Saturday 17-11-2018 @ 17:13
I don't think it has been banned yet? is pretty good site for tickets.
# 3 : Saturday 17-11-2018 @ 20:11
I checked out toutles and messaged someone
I see a few sites with them on just trying to figure our if legit. Some offer
e-tickers which seems unusual for a re-seller
# 4 : Saturday 17-11-2018 @ 22:19
Disagree with touting ban??? Like MCD etc have a lot of issues but that’s only exacerbated by touts artificially inflating demand and screwing people on the other side
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