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Return Of The Mc/Mc To The Future
# 1 : Monday 26-11-2018 @ 20:40
Anyone else happy to see the suave one himself back in the driving seat? Just me?

Careless whisper? Anyone...

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# 2 : Monday 26-11-2018 @ 21:41
No, It's a stunt by Delaney and has worked.
# 3 : Monday 26-11-2018 @ 22:17
To be fair he is only in for two years. But what makes me mad is this pressure to get Rice on board as an Irish player. I would not entertain a man that clearly wants to play for England and Ireland is not his first choice and clearly trying to get a player like that when there is other players willing to play for Ireland and not acting the maggot should be more important then Rice.
# 4 : Tuesday 27-11-2018 @ 10:20
Delaney should be fired . His post should be success based and if the team lose more than 12 matches consecutively the admin should resign or be fired.
Mc coming back it's a bit tired what has he to offer ? Anything new on his c.v. ? They should have hired a young successful coach or they could have looked further.
# 5 : Tuesday 27-11-2018 @ 17:54
When they hired an Italian coach it turned out bad, When they hired an Irish coach it turned out bad. remember Stephen Staunton. I think they should have asked Arsène Wenger. I think John Delaney should go he clearly has no vision and he wants Us to go after players who do not want to play for Ireland and boring football seems to be the state of our play. And then the only coach we can come up with for two years was already Irish coach years ago.....
# 6 : Tuesday 27-11-2018 @ 19:33
Delaney needed a fast deflection, he got it and he can sneak away on his terms now.
# 7 : Tuesday 27-11-2018 @ 20:50
I agree that Delaney should go (tho it won't happen sadly) but I'm quite happy to see Mick and Terry and Robbie Keane in for two years. I think it's as good as we could have hoped for considering the lack of talent in the squad.

Hopefully Kenny will bring on a few youngsters after his two years with the youths also!
# 8 : Monday 3-12-2018 @ 12:55
I think we should stop trying to get players who clearly do not want to play for Ireland and look for players who are Irish and want to play and who are good young talent.
# 9 : Monday 25-3-2019 @ 20:06
Delaney should definitely be fired now
# 10 : Wednesday 27-3-2019 @ 03:25
Do you remember Delaney was being groomed to take over the IOC, what ever happened there ? Is yer man still in Brazil?
How do these people just park themselves into jobs they can’t be removed from ? I suppose they know somebody ?
In organisations that receive money from the state people shouldn’t be allowed to have a role for more than 5 years.
# 11 : Wednesday 27-3-2019 @ 19:42
Mick was wrongfully sacked in 2002...all because the FAI pandering to a certain player throwing his toys out of the pram in Saipan
# 12 : Wednesday 27-3-2019 @ 19:48
If the likes of Grealish Michael Keane,Damien Rice have to think twice about playing for Ireland....its obvious where their loyalties lie...off with them.
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