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Travel To Russia And Visa
# 1 : Monday 3-12-2018 @ 14:38
Anyone been to Russia here and needed to get a visa how did it work
I am thinking of going next year just to Saint petersburg for a few days and just checking Visa stuff
I know I need an invite from a hotel and I think flights booked do you have to do all that before applying for a Visa
Is it complicated to fill out forms and do you need to go to the embassy with it all
Has anyone here done it and what was your experience
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# 2 : Monday 3-12-2018 @ 17:25
# 3 : Monday 3-12-2018 @ 23:51
Hi I think you can pay the Russian Embassy for a letter of invitation for the Visa. Let me know how tout get on, I'm thinking of going there next year as well. Aeroflot are restoring the direct flight from Moscow to Dublin next year.
# 4 : Tuesday 4-12-2018 @ 18:05
# 5 : Tuesday 4-12-2018 @ 20:24
Yea I saw the websites was just looking for more personal insight and experiences
I might go next year but havent decided yet
# 6 : Tuesday 4-12-2018 @ 22:38
Yes.. Give your tourist dollars to the Nation that criminalises Gay relationships.. Good move..
# 7 : Wednesday 5-12-2018 @ 13:13
Already do when I visit Romania Poland and Germany til a few years ago
Would you say the same thing to someone visiting Northern ireland
# 8 : Friday 7-12-2018 @ 12:55
Yes I've done it. We(5)were invited over by the Irish Embassy which made things easier. One of us went to the Soviet Embassy in Orwell with passports, queued for a while and got the visas. It was very easy really.
# 9 : Friday 7-12-2018 @ 20:55
There is no problem as I went to Russia and as long as you have a visa they are ok. And if you have a visa it makes train travel easier as they have soldiers who come on some trains and as soon as they see you have a visa they are happy.
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