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Depression/Anxiety "Share Posts" On Facebook And, Reaching Out.
# 1 : Wednesday 12-12-2018 @ 22:11
I'm going to try one of these "I've noticed a trend" topics.

It's half rant, half question, half discussion.

Have you ever seen those "share if you care" type posts on facebook, you'll know the ones.
It might be a story or an images with text.
It might be shared by a friend of yours who suffered from depression, anxiety or such, and it may have a sentiment attached to it like "if you care about people with suicidal tendencies, you will share this message" or "Let's see who cares enough to share this"

well, first off the rant bit; this is emotional black mail, and no matter what mental or psychological vulnerability you suffer with, I will not entertain the notion of you controlling my social page with the threat of defining me by what I don't share.

Plus. It's chain mail.

Plus, and this is the last bit.

Have you ever had someone who posts this type of content actually reach out to you on Facebook? or otherwise? i.e., via personal message?

you see, my new strategy when I come across perhaps heartfelt/perhaps emotionally opportunistic (in which case evil) chain posts about "share to show you care about those who have depression" is to comment underneath, to the person directly, advising them that I am available at any time to lend an ear to them or anyone reading this, even if they are a stranger.

For me, actually telling the person you're there (and genuinely meaning it, which I do) is 100 times better then sharing an abusive, and dare I say immoral, chain mail about depression.

It also kills chain mail.

It also reconditions anyone who suffers from depression genuinely, but who has become accustomed to not doing anything about it other then share a constant barrage of posts about it of their social media account and passively taking in the comments beneath it, when they could instead spent that time reaching out to someone!

Thoughts on these thoughts?
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# 2 : Wednesday 12-12-2018 @ 23:41
I loathe and despise those meaningless lazy ignorant posts, they really annoy me and I never entertain them for an instant, they can shove their pleas up their hole.
# 3 : Thursday 13-12-2018 @ 10:41
What annoys me most is those pleas where they want to get money for someone and say share and donate and bring my son to Disneyland for our family holiday or the wedding fund.
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