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The Amazing Imagery Of Juno
# 1 : Sunday 6-1-2019 @ 03:30
The Juno mission to explore my namesake planet, the mighty Jupiter, has made some remarkable discoveries about the giant planet’s interior and atmosphere.

I mean, look at some of the remarkable imagery returned. Like Dali-esque surreal works of art...

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# 2 : Sunday 6-1-2019 @ 22:01
Beautiful and a tiny bit spooky JupiterKid
# 3 : Tuesday 8-1-2019 @ 03:01
Jupiter is a truly amazing planet.

Over 318 times the size of our puny Earth. An amazing complex atmosphere and an incredible retinue of over 90 moons, the largest of which include Io, which is intensely volcanic and Europa, believed to have an icy crust over a giant ocean which could be a possible abode for life.

Jupiter holds more mass than all the other planets in our Solar system combined.

Juno has been orbiting Jupiter for over 3 years. It's the first solar powered spacecraft sent beyond the asteroid belt.

The famous Voyager probes exlpored Jupiter back in 1979 when they flew past and sent back the first detailed data. But the first spacecraft to fly past Jupiter, Pioneer 10, encountered Jupiter in 1973.
# 4 : Wednesday 9-1-2019 @ 15:52
That is pretty bitchin pics I have to say.

Very humbling when you put the facts of Jupiter into perspective.

Cheers for sharing
# 5 : Wednesday 9-1-2019 @ 17:12
Someone said :
That is pretty bitchin pics I have to say.

Very humbling when you put the facts of Jupiter into perspective.

Cheers for sharing

I love astronomy and space exploration. Thus the username JupiterKid. Our own solar system in itself has incredible diversity and it's just a tiny grain of sand in the vast ocean of our universe.

I have been into astronomy since my late teens. I find all aspects of space and planetary exploration deeply fascinating. It puts our brief existence on our little Earth into perspective. I posted up a few blogs a few years back on space images but I don't think they're accessible any more.

So thus I plan to start a few thrrads on the majesty and wonder of our cosmic backyard, stunning images spacecraft have sent back to us over the past 50 or so years...

Watch this space!!
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