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Crossdressing Makeup
# 1 : Thursday 10-1-2019 @ 10:08
I am a crossdresser who knows to put makeup but wanna try something professional too. Any Idea of professional peeps who do crodresser's makeup ?
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# 2 : Thursday 10-1-2019 @ 10:14
Pretty much the only real difference in doing a guys face to a girl is just shaping the face to look more feminine there's tons and tons of Youtubers that you can get tips off to develop your own style for actually courses though the cheapest I could find was 200 for a 2 week course and it's just general make-up maybe talk to someone in the social welfare office and they can probably get you a course for cheap because it's pretty decent money as well as improving your skill set
# 3 : Thursday 10-1-2019 @ 11:05
Try Irish fashion t-girls in the classifieds section
# 4 : Friday 11-1-2019 @ 05:56
suzie sequin runs a very professional service.
# 5 : Friday 11-1-2019 @ 19:34
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