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Married Boyfriend
# 31 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 21:32
People do strange things when they are scared. I can understand how a closeted man or woman can lead a life that would keep questions at bay, but getting married is taking it to an extreme. As for a bi person who is married or in a relationship somehow Needing to have sex with alternating genders or else their genitals will wither and die, no i don't buy that.

People will do what they want, some might look for a pass from strangers on line but most will just do what/who the fuck they want when they want and not give a damn about a partner, who becomes more of an inconvenience or trophy/mask.

You only have to answer to yourself at the end of the day, but it does not take much effort to take other people into consideration.
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# 32 : Saturday 26-1-2019 @ 16:00
Never been in a relationship with someone who was spoken for. Whenever I see someone looking for married men only, I just assume they aren't out, and want an extra layer of discretion (someone with something to lose, that won't go blabbing). Whatever floats your boat though.
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