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Straight People Decreasing In UK...But
# 1 : Wednesday 23-1-2019 @ 13:07
The widely held belief that 10% of people are gay or LGB has been debunked for a while now. I believe it comes from the Kinsey Report on sexual behavior and most of the report has been challenged at this point or written off but the stats on homosexuality always remained in the zeitgeist mainly due to the gay rights movements in the 70's in the US.
More recently the figure I have heard is 5% or 5-6% but this article from Pink News that appeared on my time line yesterday claims it could be lower.
Now the article heading is that those identifying to be straight in the UK has decreased to 93.2% which means approximate 7% are LGB
However reading the article we get more information first off 5.3% said they "didn't know"
Those identifying as Gay or bi (male and female) is 2% with 0.9 as "other"
Among the younger generation which is more open its 4.2%
Personally I am still sticking ti my 5-6% stats etc ...
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# 2 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 14:57
As I understand it the Kinsey Report classified anyone who had ever had m/m or f/f sex as homosexual. This included prisoners and people who just experimented.
# 3 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 16:34
Even just jail gay?
# 4 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 19:34
I hope all the straight people are okay.
# 5 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 19:46
Maybe, it is all that plastic pollution?
# 6 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 20:59
Just because they want to be dominated by a woman with waves and a handbag and they fantasise about their school days and want to return to those days ... tha g just means they have fetishes it doesn't define their sexuality .
# 7 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 21:24
Someone said :
I hope all the straight people are okay.

I sort of felt like i had decreased a little a few weeks ago. I'm ok now though.
# 8 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 22:35
Maybe take some calcium supplements just to be sure.
# 9 : Saturday 26-1-2019 @ 13:10
I've always been of the opinion that Kinsey was actually quite close to the mark and that the proportion of the global human population that are mainly or exclusively homosexual was between 7 and 10 per cent.

There are still a very large number of gay men and women, especially older than 45 years of age, who are not out in supposedly tolerant Western countries.
# 10 : Saturday 26-1-2019 @ 14:02
Of course there are issues are people coming out and tolerance but the Kinsey report was done in the 40's in the USA hardly a tolerant time. Also, while there is always personal circumstances to the individual questioning or gathering stats on under 40's in the West should give you a good idea. I also dont buy the idea (pun intended) that you are a little bit gay any more than you are a little bit straight
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