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New Gay Bar In Dublin
# 1 : Wednesday 30-1-2019 @ 18:34
Panti Bliss, aka Rory O’Neill, the proprieter of the longstanding and very popular Pantibar on Capel St, has announced that a new gay bar will be opening across the street from Pantibar (across Great Strand St, not Capel St to clarify).

The new bar will be called Penny Lane and will cater to an older LGBT clientele. It is due to open this Spring.
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# 2 : Wednesday 30-1-2019 @ 18:37
is that the street were nealons was, how many gar bar sis there in Dublin, George, and front lounge, pantibar any more do u kno
# 3 : Wednesday 30-1-2019 @ 21:29
Someone said :
is that the street were nealons was, how many gar bar sis there in Dublin, George, and front lounge, pantibar any more do u kno

That's about it, Nealons is almost opposite Pantibar, Penny Lane is across from Panti's.
# 4 : Thursday 31-1-2019 @ 18:41
il have to check it out
# 5 : Thursday 31-1-2019 @ 21:14
What age are the older gays meant to be?
# 6 : Thursday 31-1-2019 @ 21:36
Someone said :
What age are the older gays meant to be?

22/23 I believe.
# 7 : Thursday 31-1-2019 @ 23:49
Wow pretty ancient
# 8 : Monday 4-2-2019 @ 03:24
I have a terrible soft spot for older gays.
They’re like the “grand wizards” or our community.
# 9 : Monday 4-2-2019 @ 13:49
I read Grand Wizard and for a moment there I thought you meant the KKK My Brain has a lot of explaining to do.

Anyway... gaybars, eh yeah more power to ya.

# 10 : Monday 4-2-2019 @ 14:03
How old is an older gay? I thought anyone over 27 is over the hill?
# 11 : Monday 4-2-2019 @ 15:37
I imagine the crowd will be mostly 40+ with a smattering of younger people who want a quieter place to socialise. Though I fear it will need Panti-levels of punters to survive.
# 12 : Monday 4-2-2019 @ 19:14
The gay scene is renowned for being very ageist and youth-worshipoing but maybe that's now a dated stereotype. I suppose "older" means over 35/40 and tired of the frenetic clubbing life.

Looking at the building that will house Penny Lane, it looks like the new bar won't be like Pantibar in layout and style at all but instead have a more intimate lounge feel to it.

The building right beside it used to house a short lived gay sauna called The Vortex in the late 90s...anyone here remember it?

It will almost certainly play modern jazz and 80s and 70s disco era tunes I reckon!

...on that note - where has old regular here Pennylane been of late? Does she know she will have a bar named after her?
# 13 : Monday 4-2-2019 @ 21:45
Just tea and biscuits then?
# 14 : Tuesday 5-2-2019 @ 16:29
" older LGBT clientele" free zimmerframe and nappy change with every cocktail purchased.
# 15 : Tuesday 5-2-2019 @ 16:46
Yeah I remember hearing about the vortex. That must be closed years?
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