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What's The Kinkyist Thing You Ever Did ?
# 16 : Monday 25-2-2019 @ 10:19
Someone said :
The kinkisist thing I ever did ... I had a pair of ladies pantiees on and decided to ejaculate in to them when they were wet i put them in a plastic bag so they would not dry up and placed them on the fridge the following day removed them from the fridge and the plastic rapper and put the wet panties from the day before on me again they felt so wet and moist I was not able to resist my next action ... I did it all over again into the wet panties it felt super.

Think if I put a pair of cold wet panties on me I'd lose my erection immediately and my left ball would disappear for a while too.....Still, if it worked for you!
# 17 : Monday 25-2-2019 @ 16:35
I let them get a little worm the reason for the fridge was to keep my cum really freas and the panties wet in the plastic ... it smelt lovely when i removed them
# 18 : Tuesday 26-2-2019 @ 10:34
Yes, I can imagine the smell from the cum, I find that intoxicating myself, but I must admit that Jupiterkid being spit-roasted by two rugby players sounds so good!
# 19 : Saturday 2-3-2019 @ 17:45
Mick Jagger back in the 60's said he used to get a Mars bar and slide it up his girlfriend's vagina and then take it down and eat it.
# 20 : Saturday 2-3-2019 @ 19:53
TGirlAdmire Ladyboy porn can be superb wank material ...
# 21 : Sunday 3-3-2019 @ 08:18
Yes was watching a video of a lady boy sucking a guy off while he wanked her at the same time. Interesting combination.
# 22 : Sunday 3-3-2019 @ 10:59
I’m very vanilla
# 23 : Monday 15-4-2019 @ 16:04
Once was driven up Dublin mountains by a much older gent who stripped me to my runners, collared me and choke chained my balls and led me along a forest track where he tied my hands above me to a tree branch and proceeded to play with me, spank me and edge me for what seemed like hours but was probably in fact 30-45 min. Finally made me cum and left me for what again felt like ages but was probably 10 min, when untied me and led me down mountain and drove me home.
# 24 : Thursday 18-4-2019 @ 14:14
Wow, Kellytv, that sounds so good! Can I ask how old were the two of you at the time, did you repeat the experience & were you very concerned at any stage?
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