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Hair Removal Cream For Men
# 16 : Monday 23-9-2019 @ 13:06
OK If you google this you find a lot of stories like this
https://metro.co.uk/2019/08/19/man-seriously-burns-his-balls-afte etc ...

However I did try it last week and this is my story
I went to a salon to get what was advertised as a shave but was indeed cream based hair removal. Its was put on my abdomen testicles and penis. It was on about 4 minutes before been washed off. I had no issues at this stage and was very happy. Said thank you and I will be back again.

About an hour later I did notice some swelling on my right testicle and it was sore. No terrible pain or anything and not burning About a 3 on a 1-10 scale.
That night I did sleep on my back.
The following day the swelling was down but it was still red and sore. But this went a way through out the day and the following day it was fine.
I dont know if this swelling was caused by the cream or just a reaction to getting the hair removed. It was only on one small part of my right testicle.
I did also get some red bumps on my inner leg but this was regular shaving bumps and not sore or anything
over all it went well and I was happy with the experience. I dont know if I would risk it again though. I may use a cream to remove the hair from my bellybutton down but dont know about putting it on testicles
I think they used Nair All hair removal but not certain.
It seems very difficult to get real reviews or information on this. Its either horror stories like above or affiliate sites selling stuff but anyhow that's my experience
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# 17 : Tuesday 24-9-2019 @ 18:18
that sounds like a painfull bad reaction I get mine waxed never any issues. Just a little bit sore.
# 18 : Tuesday 24-9-2019 @ 19:41
So basically you paid to have someone put hair removal cream on you?
Waxing i can understand, but unless you have used hand removal cream in the past i think you got done.
# 19 : Tuesday 24-9-2019 @ 20:16
Use Aloe Vera or Camomile Lotion to cool and soothe the skin afterwards.
# 20 : Wednesday 25-9-2019 @ 14:42
The pain wasnt that bad and wont stop me doing it again. It only lasted 24hrs or so.
I thought the service was a shave not a cream, I dont know if it was worth the money as apposed to getting waxed may just do it myself in future
Yes I used Aloe Vera afterwards
# 21 : Sunday 1-12-2019 @ 15:21
I have stopped shaving or treating my balls barring a trim with a scissors as when the hair grows back it catches in the material of my panties if I wear any but mostly my pants. I like to go commando when out and about, aids my maneuverability!
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