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# 1 : Sunday 24-2-2019 @ 08:54
I love freeballing but it sometimes causes irritation of my cock, especially wearing jeans. Any ideas on how to prevent this?
# 2 : Sunday 24-2-2019 @ 12:32
'freeballing' sounds like a colloquialism for not wearing underware?

You need to wear more comfortable, and high quality pants/trousers/jeans, that avoid have metallic zips and fixtured near your dick and balls.

# 3 : Sunday 24-2-2019 @ 12:43
I have not worn briefs from 2001 its a super feeling of freedom when you first start to do it also with track pants on they are so soft. The only problem i have had with jeans was those i once purchased in Pennys Store they hurt the underside of me ball sack and pinched me you pay for what you get ... everything else I ever bought was fine
# 4 : Wednesday 11-9-2019 @ 13:46
I do that sometimes, particularly in the summer. I normally also sleep in the nude but when I stay over at my girlfriends,she sometimes has her young son there and there are no locks on her doors so I wear a underwear for those times which often means wearing underwear under the jeans lol.Normally I have no problem with what I'm wearing so there's no irritation with freeballing.
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