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Gaire And You.
# 31 : Monday 11-3-2019 @ 21:26
Someone said :
Maybe if ye all stopped whinging about how great things used to be in the past & actually started contributing to the site it might be more entertaining..? Bitches..

This is posted almost word for word every 5 years, as are pretty much every other post in this thread.

Its like a fucking glitch in the Matrix.

It is also true.
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# 32 : Monday 11-3-2019 @ 22:27
Tots agree with Oliver contribute people
# 33 : Tuesday 12-3-2019 @ 13:09
Someone said :
Maybe if ye all stopped whinging about how great things used to be in the past & actually started contributing to the site it might be more entertaining..? Bitches..

I suppose that it is a balance of things that need to be taking into account:
- Change in some people's lives (a very active/positive poster may find love off-line, and find that they no longer have time for the on-line people)
- Some people changed how they socialize online, leading to an increase in attrition, without renewals: the site has failed to attract a new generation at the same time as it may not have been able to retain the previous ones
- But also, let's be honest, some moderation practices may have contributed to creating a less "pleasant" experience (from moderating to policing to controlling...nay censoring), and it may have been felt that such practices were necessary to root out some trolling: there is a vicious spiral between more vicious trolls and a few moderators on a power trip.
- A lower traffic, which results in anyone actively participating to more than 10 threads a day to be suspected of trying to "take over"

So a combination of natural attrition without renewal, of what can only be termed as "cliquishness" where some people felt they had to defend "their patch", a sometime unclear moderation practice where moderators may have taken part in spats as judge and parties (sometimes initiators), a lack of self-introspection/self-awareness/self-criticism, and the changing landscape of "social media" (an all too convenient excuse), have all led to less people contributing less and less.

Thomas did, has been doing, and is still doing a great job.
And I still enjoy dropping in from time to time.

Maybe if the "troll" paranoia was lessened, then the numbers could go up.
Maybe if some changes were reverted, people might be more attracted.
For instance, everytime I come across the site without being logged in, I find the whole "anonymous" threads quite off-putting : every conversation is some anonymous icon replying to gods know who. Did that change lead to more people subscribing to read threads? Or to less people being hooked by a dynamic before deciding to join?
# 34 : Wednesday 13-3-2019 @ 15:26
All very valid Blah.. I do know of what you speak.. I do think though that a lot of it is down to the general shift in the way people interact online now compared to 10-15 years ago. People are more conscientious now and in trying not to be offensive or seem to be trolling they are being much more controlled in what they say, how they say it etc. There's no getting away from the fact though, that most of the best comedy throughout history is or has been offensive to someone. Trying to be funny now, without being offensive/belittling to anyone is quite tricky. Call it the 'Snowflake' generation if you want but, times have definitely changed.
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