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Transgender In Sports
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# 16 : Wednesday 31-7-2019 @ 17:43
Someone said :
I think measuring testosterone is too unfair to women born with high testosterone.

That restriction is beyond absurd! Most athletes at that level have to have abnormal levels of something to be the best in the world. Michael Phelps has been lovingly described as a freak of nature but there been no attempt to artificially change his body proportions or metabolism.
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# 17 : Friday 2-8-2019 @ 22:59
It's nonsense the was some people talk it's as if there are loads of transgender women desperate to be Olympic athletes, play women's football and be boxers. This is TERF propaganda. TG people are a tiny minority.

On the other hand that South African woman is taking the P. She's loaded with testosterone. Of course it gives her an advantage. One interesting thing is that she refuses any examination. I'll leave it there.

Why is it that it's acceptable to be bigoted against trans people? Even Gays and lesbians think it's Ok. You'd think they'd know better.
# 18 : Sunday 4-8-2019 @ 18:14
Someone said :

That was a crazy law and needs to be revoked.

Nah. Its perfectly fine.
# 19 : Sunday 4-8-2019 @ 20:00
What's to stop anyone doing it for gain?
# 20 : Sunday 4-8-2019 @ 23:33
Someone said :
What's to stop anyone doing it for gain?

What do you mean? Gain what?
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