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Any Trans People Willing To Take A Survey About Diversity And Inclusion In Education?
# 1 : Tuesday 12-3-2019 @ 12:53
Hey, bit of a different post here but I'm wondering if there is a small chance any Trans people on Gaire willing to take a survey?
The criteria is any minority, such as LGBT, racial minorities or people with Disabilities.
Anyone here can take the survey, all Gaire members welcome. Its completely anonymous.

Alternatively there's an interest in any Trans person who is currently in education, whether it's mature student or far as courses etc. Who are willing to be interviewed?

This is part of my friends thesis, the link to the survey is here; etc ...

Please feel free to read. Ideally he's looking for hear your experience.
If you would like to be interviewed further please private message me and I'll get yee in touch.

To the Mods; sorry if this post goes against regulations. Please message me if there are any issues or better ways to post this stuff.

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