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Glamworld Or Basic Instincts Porn Cinemas... Best For TVs Or CDs?
# 1 : Sunday 14-4-2019 @ 08:29
Thinking of dressing up in my sexy lingerie and stockings and having fun in a porn cinema. I just wondered where best to meet like minded people, CDs, TVs, admirers etc? When best to go as well?
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# 2 : Wednesday 17-4-2019 @ 19:28
Hay How's u 28 hear nice clean lad very lil experience, any info on dis hope to hear bk x
# 3 : Friday 1-11-2019 @ 20:41
Private Moments is extremely creepy
# 4 : Saturday 2-11-2019 @ 15:49

You may like Erotica Its really cool and booths also to sit in if you want, plenty of any sort of porn showing and all are friendly dress in what you want plenty of room to move about.

Location Back of Glamworld Mary st corner at Capple st end you pay to enter in Glamworld.... enjoy
# 5 : Tuesday 19-11-2019 @ 23:36
is the cinema in glamworld still open love to vist
# 6 : Wednesday 20-11-2019 @ 03:33
Hi Olliefree

Glamworld far better

Yes it is one of the best places anything goes in there and the staff are so cool also you will find couples in booths so you can watch

The couples are cool with that its why they use them. Go in at 12;30 pm leave at 11; 30 pm
# 7 : Wednesday 20-11-2019 @ 23:07
Someone said :
Hi Olliefree

The couples are cool with that its why they use them. Go in at 12;30 pm leave at 11; 30 pm

Go before you come.?
# 8 : Thursday 21-11-2019 @ 05:05
Someone said :

Go before you come.?

I Hope Butters,
You get the same pleasure from your visits there as I do, its so cool even to sit there erect in anticipation also
# 9 : Friday 22-11-2019 @ 13:32
What has it got to do with you..
Do not talk about me in the 3rd person have the manners to talk directly to me in the 1st person singular!

First person singular is I
# 10 : Saturday 14-12-2019 @ 19:37
was in there wednesday lunchtime but not many there there was an old lad kept asking could he suck me a bit off putting going in early next week going to dress in stocking and enjoy myself
# 11 : Saturday 14-12-2019 @ 19:39
hi Kenny
when will you be in again like to meet you
# 12 : Saturday 14-12-2019 @ 19:54
was in glamworld wednesday great place anything goes be back in stocking this week

# 13 : Saturday 14-12-2019 @ 22:57
Glam world sounds lovely but a bit far for a bold school girl to go from Cork lol
Thats why i meet weekday afternoons in Brief encounters behind the bus station in Cork.
Or The Loft Wed to Fri afternoons.
Both are so nice I can go almost topless and show off my 38B breasts MMMM
# 14 : Monday 23-12-2019 @ 00:06
Glamworld. If you are heading there. Please do tell
# 15 : Thursday 9-1-2020 @ 10:42
Hi everyone
I am heading into glamworld cinema next tuesday be dressed in my pants hope to see you there maybe we can have some fun
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